10 Best Overdrive Pedals Under $50 (2018 Review)

Best Overdrive Pedals Unde 50 Dollars

The overdrive pedals on this list are basically clones influenced by the sounds of the originals. They offer beginners and seasoned players alike, a cost effective way to enjoy playing the classic up to a modern overdriven sound without having to dig deep on their pockets.

Arguably at their best, the overdriven sound these pedals produce has little to hardly noticeable difference with their predecessors. Considerably making them as a decent overdrive pedal to use or at the least to be back-up overdrive pedal for practice and gigs.

The only concern on this affordable pedals especially on the cheapest one’s is the quality of components inside. This is actually were it takes a big hit and criticism on how reliable these pedals can be and if they can last long.

Nonetheless, many still gravitates on using this overdrive pedals mainly because of the price. Followed by the overall clean boost to overdriven sound it provides, and also for having a decent quality.

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KOKKO Overdrive PedalKOKKO FOD3 Mini Overdrive Pedal

For its impressive low price point, this pedal has a true bypass, enclose in a aluminum chassis for durability with heavy duty foot switch and the knobs for the tone, level and drive are all in appropriately size. In regards on how it sounds, this overdrive pedal can deliver a great deal of vintage warm overdrive sound for blues and classic rock.

Adding to that, anti-skid rubber pads on the back are placed for stability and to avoid friction between the effects pedal to the ground. LED indicator is present for status and the unit is powered by an AC adapter delivering 9V or with power supply.

Where to buy: KOKKO FOD3 Mini Overdrive Pedal $20.44 Amazon

Nux OD3 Vintage Overdril PedalNUX OD-3 Vintage Overdrive Pedal

The green color aluminum chassis on this effects unit strongly suggest that this is a clone of the famous Ibanez tube screamer. Even for its control it has the classic tone, level and gain knobs which are easy to use and pretty straight forward. Another great feature on this stompbox is the robust foot switch that some may actually prefer than the original.

For power, the unit can run using a 9V battery, an AC adapter or with a power supply. LED status indicator is place on the middle for visibility that turns red when the unit is functional. The overdriven sound coming from this stompbox has a classic vibe which is great for playing blues, classic rock and to be use on other forms of music as well.

Where to buy: NUX OD-3 Vintage Overdrive Pedal $25.93 Amazon

ENO TC-16 Overdrive PedalENO TC-16 Trouble Overdrive Pedal

Here is small and affordable overdrive pedal cloning the Fultone OCD overdriven sound. The pedal is in true bypass design made of aluminum chassis with heavy duty foot switch. Has an easy to use level, tone, drive knobs for tone control and a two way toggle to switch from high to low peak sound.

The stombox runs using an 9V AC adapter or with the power supply on a pedalboard. It also has a LED indicator that lights up when the pedal is functional and anti-skid rubber pad is placed at the back for stability.

Where to buy: ENO TC-16 Overdrive Pedal $27.99 Amazon

Caline Orange Burst Overdrive PedalCaline CP-18 Orange Burst Overdrive Pedal

Probably this is one of the best overdrive pedal for its price, great when used as a clean boost and has a very smooth overdriven sound. It features a road worthy aluminum chassis in orange color, heavy duty foot switch, has a true bypass design, LED status indicator and extra switch knobs for treble and bass for optimal tonal control.

Upon using the pre-gain stage, you’ll experience the overdrive pedal go from a very pristine clean to a very smooth, compressed, overdriven sound. It is easy to operate even for beginners to find a sweet spot transitioning from a clean boost to overdriven sound.

Where to buy: Caline CP-18 Orange Burst Overdrive Pedal $28.50 Amazon

JOYO Overdrive PedalsJoyo Overdrive Pedals

Joyo offers three clone overdrive pedals on this price range and each one delivers a different punch of a true bypass overdriven sound based on the originals. All are made from aluminum chassis with heavy duty foot switch top of by an easy to use gain/drive, tone and volume knobs for tonal controls. Every effects unit is powered by 9V battery, or either with a AC adpater and power supply on a pedalboard.

First on this list in green is the Joyo JF-1 Vintage Overdrive Pedal that has the classic vibe overdrive sound of a tube screamer while the Joyo JF-2 Ultimate Drive Pedal got its base sound on a Fultone OCD Overdrive Pedal which is more heavier with a high and low peak sound controlled by a two way toggle switch.

Last but not the least is the Joyo Tai Chi Overdrive Pedal which is more hairy when compared with the other two, adding more crunch close to becoming a distortion pedal for the metal vibe overdriven sound it bring to the table.

Where to buy: Joyo JF-02 Ultimate Overdrive Pedal $30.99 Amazon

Donner Blues DriveDonner Blues Drive Overdrive Pedal

Donnerdeal is one of the best brands when it comes to affordable guitar gears on the market today. This brand is much well known for the pedalboards they make together with the wide variety of guitars effects on an affordable price range.

The Donner Blues Drive is a mini overdrive pedal that runs on 9V AC adapter and also compatible to use with any pedalboard power supply. This overdrive pedal has the blues sound similar to a Boss BD-2 Blues Driver just on a lower cost. It is a true bypass pedal on a aluminum chassis, has heavy duty foot switch, a tone, gain, level knobs and a toggle switch for hot and warm settings for tonal control.

Where to buy: Donner Blues Drive Overdrive Pedal $30.99 Amazon

TC Electronix MojoMojo Overdrive PedalTC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive

The MojoMojo overdrive is specifically designed to sound like a crank up tube amp as much as possible. It has four easy to use control knobs, the level for how hard the effect hits the amp, drive for the amount of overdrive, bass and treble knobs for cutting and boosting the bass and treble frequencies independently to dial-in a perfect tone. Another control to look forward too on using this effects pedal is the toggle switch for changing the voice which adds more tonal control.

The chassis is made of aluminum with heavy duty foot switch assuring the pedal can withstand continuous use and the road. A true bypass overdrive pedal with a warm overdriven sound that stack well with other pedals or along side with the TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Pedal. Powering this pedal is with the use of a 9V battery or with a power supply.

Where to buy: TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive Pedal 49.01 Amazon

Behringer Vintage Tube MonsterBehringer Vintage Tube Monster VT999 Overdrive

Get a tube preamp in one pedal on a budget with the Behringer Vintage Tube Monster. It offers a warm bluesy overdriven sound up to heavy distortion that has integrated and switchable noise gate with adjustable threshold keeping the sound noise free.

For controls, this effects pedal has a dedicated Gain control, 3-band EQ (Treble, Mid, and Bass) and Master controls for optimum sound shaping. Other features on this pedal is a status LED that tells when the VT999 is activated, and the On/Off switch which allows for true mechanical bypass when the effect is not in use for signal integrity.

Where to buy: Behringer Vintage Tube Monster VT999 Overdrive $49.99 Amazon