15 Best Guitar Straps And Brands (2018 Review)

Guitar Straps

Comfort, style and functionality are characteristic sought after on guitar straps. To keep it simple and brief, good guitar straps should have the proper width for comfort and not having sharp strap edges digging into your neck and shoulder. Adjustable length is also a must have on guitar straps to properly position your instrument as you prefer.

These basic features should be considered when choosing a guitar strap to go along with the quality of materials use on making it. This will already enable you to practice on a daily basis and its really more about a matter of being accustomed and getting use too playing the guitar or bass standing.

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Ernie Ball Guitar StrapErnie Ball Black Polypro Guitar Strap

Ernie Ball is a notable brand on making quality guitar accessories. The guitar strap they offer is a best seller for its impressively low price and durability that can last long. Real leather are use on the working ends of the strap that can hold an electric, acoustic and even a bass guitar. Tough 2″ inch wide polypropylene webbing adjustable 36” to 68” inches. Comes in a variety of colors to choose from, colors will not bleed, and the strap will not stretch when use.

Where to buy: Ernie Ball Black Polypro Guitar Strap $5.89 Amazon

Dunlop Guitar StrapDunlop D-38 Series Celtic Grey Strap

This guitar strap from Dunlop can be a go to strap on any guitar for its durability, design and comfort guitar players will love to use on gig and practices. The D-38 series features an easy adjustable custom buckles. It is an extra-long strap 2″ inch wide, and length is adjustable from 38″ to 65″ inches that fits any body type. It also has the patented Jim Dunlop comfort edge nylon webbing. A 100% leather ends to securely hold the instrument, bold original jacquard woven and other poly-woven designs to choose from as well.

Where to buy: Dunlop D3814GY Celtic Grey Strap $11.29 Amazon

Mugig Leather Guitar StrapMugig Leather Guitar Strap

This strap exhibits the basic and ergonomic style of a 3” inch leather strap with soft backing. It comes in brown, black and white color 3” inches wide leather, adjustable from 50” to 57” inches long. The exclusive tapered contour design on this strap prevents strap twisting when in use, an innovative feature that contributes to its comfort giving the user a great time playing their instrument during practice sessions and a more better performance when on stage.

Where to buy: Mugig Leather Guitar Strap Padded Adjustable, Black $17.99 Amazon 

Levy's Leathers M8HT-04 Hootenanny Style StrapLevy’s Leathers M8HT-04 Hootenanny Style Strap

If you’re looking for a hootenanny style vintage pattern guitar strap on a much cheaper price with leather ends and pick holders as extra features, this guitar strap is a good choice. The strap on first impression is very durable, soft and comfortable to use. It is a 2” inch wide strap fully adjustable from 37.8″ to 54″ inches in length to fit most sizes of adult and children. Works perfectly on acoustic, electric and bass guitar. Package includes 1 guitar strap and 3 guitar picks in random colors.

Where to buy: Levy’s Leathers M8HT-04 Hootananny Style Strap $19.33 Amazon

Walker & William's H-01Woven 60's Style HootenannyWalker & William’s H-01Woven 60’s Style Hootenanny

High quality product from Walker & William’s to cater players out there who are looking for a comfortable hootenanny style guitar strap. The strap is 2” inch wide 32” to 55” length made of high quality woven nylon that uses a non-scratching polyester adjuster. Fully adjustable length to provide instrument positioning as you prefer for standing situations. Thick leather ends holds your instrument securely in place complimenting as well the patterned esign of the strap.

Where to buy: Walker & William’s H-01Woven 60’s Style Hootenanny $19.68 Amazon

Fender Hootenanny Woven StrapFender Hootenanny Woven Guitar Strap

This guitar strap made by Fender is a classic and never goes out of style. A vintage inspired woven straps that focuses on the decorative mosaic design, at the same time keeping your instrument in position and stable through the most demanding performances. Fully adjustable 2′ inch wide 44” to 55” inches in length guitar strap that provides versatile fit for most players with polypropylene backing for outstanding comfort. Reinforced leather ends for extra security on your guitar preventing slippage and dislodgement on the guitar’s strap button.

Where to buy: Fender 2-Inch Hootenanny Woven Strap, Red $20.21 Amazon


DiMarzio Guitar StrapDiMarzio ClipLock DD2200 Series Guitar Strap

Some guitar players play with pure intensity. Besides just playing the guitar they also perform a few tricks on their sleeves like spinning the guitar, running and do daring jumps on stage as part of the show. This things are risky maneuvers close to impossible using a conventional strap without locking mechanism and will require a special kind of guitar strap to do so. Introduced in 1982, first of its kind the ClipLock is consist of two parts. A working end fixed securely to the guitar body using two sturdy brass bushings attached by extra-long screws and a 2” inch wide adjustable strap from 43” to 63″ inches in length made up of high quality stretch elastic fabric with a quick release guitar strap system. Arguably this is the most secure, easy and unique guitar strap available today.

Where to buy: DiMarzio ClipLock DD2200 Strap – Black Nylon 26.99 Amazon

Fender Guitar StrapFender Monogrammed Leather Guitar Strap

Comfort, durability and style on a leather strap is epitomize by this leather strap made by Fender. Fully adjustable made of thick three ply leather reinforced by stitching provides stability to go along with its suede backing that offers comfort and shoulder relief. The guitar strap is 2 1/4” wide 44” to 49.5” inches in length for a more versatile fit. Embossed leather Fender logo guitar headstock print adds touches of class and originality on a guitar strap from a trusted brand.

Where to buy: Fender Monogrammed Leather Strap – Black Leather with Tooled Fender Logos $25.13 Amazon

Perris Leathers BM2-6554Perris Leather Guitar Strap BM2-6554

This guitar strap will only get more comfortable and better in time, just like that old leather belt you love. The strap is made form soft leather, measures 3” inches wide with adjustable 44.5” to 53” in length to make guitar playing more comfortable based on your body and playing style. Ideal for home practices and shows on the road. Play with comfort that gets better and better as it age.

Where to buy: Perris Leathers BM2-6554 2-inch Deluxe Soft Leather Strap $29.65 Amazon

KLIQ AirCell Guitar Strap for bass and electric guitarKLIQ AirCell Guitar Strap

Inexpensiveness, neoprene padded and its simple design is the main features of this guitar strap. If you’re not picky for a guitar strap, only want a guitar strap that can get the job done on a budget friendly price, this strap is considerable and will last you for quite awhile depending on the use. The strap comes in 3 sizes, adjustable length from 46″ to 56″ inches, 3” inches wide made of breathable fabric in black motif to fit any body size. Synthetic leather ends durable enough to safely hold an electric and bass guitar.

Where to buy: KLIQ AirCell Guitar Strap Neoprene Pad and Adjustable $39.99 Amazon

Walker & Williams Guitar StrapWalker & Williams C-22 Leather Padded Guitar Strap

One of the best if not the best when it comes to top grain leather guitar strap. This hand made strap is 3.5″ wide and adjustable from 47” to 54” inches in length that comes in distressed dark brown “worn-in” color with Walker & Williams signature ultra soft back and double thick padding. The leather use on this strap has enough flexibilty although it is really thick. Padding support gives ultra comfort on your shoulder even when the guitar strap is use on a bass guitar which is a lot heavier instrument than an acoustic and electric guitar.

Where to buy: Walker & Williams C-22 Dark Brown Premium Top Grain Leather Padded Guitar Strap Extra Wide $36.88 Amazon

MONO GS1 Betty Guitar StrapMONO GS1 Betty Guitar Strap

The straps designed by Mono comes in long and a shorter version. It is lightweight, very comfortable and has smart features that contributes to great playing experience. The minimalist design is sporting with hi-tech materials. The smooth and breathable 3” wide strap (Short: 40″ – 46″ inches Long: 47″ – 59″ inches in length) is made of either ash hard-wearing woven textile with an industrial look like the one featured here or in jet black waterproof with a light sheen for a stealthy high-tech feel. Overall the guitar strap by Mono is stylish with a 360 degree comfort and a lifetime warranty to back the product.

Where to buy: MONO GS1 Betty Guitar Strap Long – Ash $49.00 Amazon

Levy's Guitar StrapLevy’s Leathers MSS1-BLK Leather Guitar Strap

What’s really great about this guitar strap is the soft foam core padding embedded in premium flexi-durable leather. The strap is very stylish coming in different colors and width. This signature series veg-tan leather guitar strap guitar is 3” wide adjustable from 37″ to 51″ inches in length, that can also be available in extra long XL which adds 12″ inches more to overall length. Use it on an electric guitar and bass, the guitar strap can carry load without any problem wont break that you can use guitar strap for years to come.

Where to buy: Levy’s Leathers MSS1-BLK Veg Tan Leather Guitar Strap,Black $74.76 Amazon

Gibson Guitar StrapGibson Classic Brown Leather Guitar Strap

For Gibson purist out there looking for an affordable Gibson strap that provides utmost comfort with the durability of a saddle leather, here’s is a excellent choice. This top quality 3” wide 48” to 60”inches in length die cut leather strap with soft suede backing is very remarkable and a true classic. Its elegance, simplicity and functionality makes this guitar strap stand out among the rest of its pears as well as inside Gibson line of strap.

Where to buy: Gibson Gear ASCL-BRN The Classic Brown Leather with Suede Back $91.70 Amazon

Custom Guitar StrapCustom Leather Guitar Straps

You can also go custom. For a more personalize feel, define your playing style and have a one of a kind strap that you can choose the width and length of the strap, add names up to 10 letters ( 1” size for 10, more will be ¾ size) and symbols like musical notes, star, cross, others more. The strap is hand crafted made from the finest grade leather and has thick special foam padding for comfort. It takes 2 to 3 weeks lead time for expert custom work.

Where to buy: Custom Tooled Leather Guitar Strap with Your Name $125.00 Amazon