4 Best Guitar Stands, Brands And Types (2018 Review)

Guitar Stands

Guitar stands comes in different designs, sizes, and number of instruments it can carry. It is affordable, practical and a convenient way to safely place your instrument when not in use, and at the same time to be use during practices and on-stage performance.

You might say I don’t need a guitar stand because I have a gig bag. Let me explain, the use of the gig bag compared to guitar stands is another thing, the safety and protection the gig bag provides is mainly for traveling when you’re always around with the instrument and safely guarding it.

You will still need the protection and safety of a guitar stand  when leaving your instrument inside the house or in your room because accidental bumps and fall happens when you forget the instrument in the gig bag standing.

Keeping it under your bed won’t also do any help. One way or another it is still not a safe place for your instrument to be stored and very impractical. Spending a few buck on a guitar stand won’t hurt the pocket. The safety it provides and the number of use the guitar stand gives you goes a long way, and it is worth every penny you invested on it.

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On Stage Guitar StandTripod Guitar Stand

Tripod stand is a classic guitar stand popular for it’s ergonomic design. It is made of light weight sheet metal tubing for it’s legs and shaft coated with a black powder finish.

The stand is durable and stable on it’s feet and yoke that will carry the weight of an electric, acoustic and bass guitar. Its top portion features a neck support with black velveteen rubber that prevents the instrument from rotating, and has a safety strap to protect the instrument from falling forward.

There are different variation of the tripod guitar stand. It comes in single, double, and triple stand. You have the option to choose on what’s best for you to use and your instruments.

Where to buy: On Stage XCG4 Black Tripod Single Guitar Stand $12.95 Amazon

Where to buy: On Stage GS7221BD Double Guitar Stand $25.95 Amazon

Where to buy: On Stage GS7321BT Triple Guitar Stand $38.51 Amazon

Mugig Guitar StandA-Frame Guitar Stand

If you are looking for a portable guitar stand to use around the house, bedroom, dorm room or to bring along with you when you travel that you can fold and easily fits in a bag. The A-frame guitar stand is the right one for the job.

The stand is made of aircraft aluminum making the guitar stand super lightweight and sturdy. The portion in contact with the instrument is finish friendly and adjustable for the specific need of your instrument.

When the stand is folded it only measure 12.4” inches in length and 4.3” inches in width on the widest part. Feet of the stand has silicon rubber preventing the stand from slipping when the instrument is placed, adding more stability and protection for your instrument.

For a guitar stand with all of this features and for a cheap price. It is a great choice and value for your money.

Where to buy: Mugig Guitar Stand for Electiric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar $15.99 Amazon

Guitar Wall HangerGuitar Wall Hanger

Wall hangers are great for displaying your guitars and bass. It is also best use for guitars and basses with different shapes like a Flying V, EX Models, Explorer, Star, Worlock, Thunderbird, Firebird and many more.

Using wall hangers involves a little bit of risk thou, because the instrument is in a height and suspended that when it falls it can sustain more damage compared to an instrument getting knock down on a stand. That is really the issue when using wall hangers.

For beginners, make sure the place your going to install it is in a place where there is usually no people around or people gather often. Avoid walkways inside the house, near the door and window, also walls that receives direct sunlight.

If you are going to do this for the first time, it is better to ask first somebody who has done this already. Ask for their help or advice on where to install, on what part of the wall is best, and type of wall that can support the weight of the guitar and bass.

Where to buy: String Swing CC01KOAK Guitar Hanger Natural $10.99 Amazon

Where to buy: String Swing CC01K-BW Guitar Hanger Black Walnut $10.99 Amazon

Hercules GS525B 5-Piece Guitar RackMulti-Guitar Rack

Guitar stand are great from preventing dents and damage to your guitar. But a single standard to triple guitar stand won’t be enough if you already have 5 to 7 guitars or bass in your collection.

Also, if you’re not comfortable on hanging your instruments when not in use, and what you really want is to keep them just like on a guitar stand but all in one place. This is where a multi-guitar rack can serve you well and your best option.

Out of the box the guitar rack can accommodate 5 instruments already and can be extended by using guitar rack extensions. It’s yoke has a multi-purpose design to be use either on a acoustic, electric and bass guitars.

Specially formulated rubber foam fully protects instrument at all contact points keeping your instrument free from dent and scratches.

The guitar rack has a one piece design set-up, easy to assemble and tear down. Great for storing multiple instrument all in one place.

Where to buy: Hercules GS525B 5-Piece Guitar Rack $85.24 Amazon

Where to buy: Hercules HA205 Guitar Rack Extension Pack $9.99 Amazon