5 Best Bass Guitars For Beginners (2018 Review)

Best Bass Guitars For Beginners

Choosing the path of becoming a bass player is a great thing, yet its not easy as it looks. The bass guitar presents its own set of discipline a bassist need to be good at to play different kind of music and makes them ready as well in any given situation. So understandably practice is still the key to success by learning first the basic theory of chord progression in order to create basslines, groove and have the rhythm flowing before moving up to the more difficult stuff like slap n’ pop and tapping.

To do all of this, a beginner will need an introductory bass guitar with a proper built quality to ensure that it is capable of staying in tune to produce the appropriate sound and playability. Leading now to our list of four string bass guitar that we believe are the best bass guitars for beginners based on its availability, price and brands best known for the quality guitar and bass instrument they make.

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Sterling by Music Man SUB Ray4Sterling by Music Man S.U.B. Series Ray4

Read Full Review The short stint of Leo Fender’s to Music Man as president has introduce an amp, guitar and a bass guitar called the Stingray that pave the way to the SUB Ray4 and Ray5 as its affordable version.

It features an S-shaped body crafted in basswood, and made available in assortment of finishes with a protective scratch plate. The maple neck has a satin finish solidly bolt-on using a plate with six screws. Fingerboard can be in maple or rosewood to choose from, having 21 frets medium jumbo.

This precision bass has a single humbucking pick-ups found near the bridge for a fat modern chunky sound controlled by a master volume, Hi Cut/Boost, and Low Cut/Boost knobs. Fully adjustable bridge and open back tuning machine for hardware in chrome finish.

Where to buy: Sterling by Music Man S.U.B. Series Ray4 StingRay Bass, Ruby Red Burst Satin $299.99 Amazon

Ibanez SR300EIbanez SR300E Standard

Read Full Review Distinct on a Ibanez bass guitar is the ergonomic compact cut of the body combined with long slender neck which is comfortable to play and great in capturing a wide range of tones.

The double cutaway body is built using mahogany enabling players to produce a warm tone on a bass, then it is offered in different finishes to select without a pickguard. Neck is skinnier with 24 frets compared to a typical jazz bass neck, constructed in 5pc maple/rosewood combination.

Instigating the sound are two PowerSpan Dual Coil bridge pick-ups one on the neck while the other on the bridge controlled by a volume knob and Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ with 3-way Power Tap switch. Hardware are Accu-cast B120 bridge and tuners in cosmo black.

Where to buy: Ibanez SR300E SR Standard – Iron Pewter $349.99 Amazon

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass 70'sSquier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass 70’s

Read Full Review Popular among beginners and considerably way ahead of the pack when it comes to a range of affordable basses starting from the Affinity Series up to the Deluxe, Vintage Modified and Classic Vibe Jazz and precision bass.

This Vintage Modified Jazz bass is crafted in maple coated in polyurethane protected by a 3-ply scratch plate. It has a C-Shape all maple neck in vintage tint gloss finish with 20 medium jumbo marked using inlay blocks.

Powering the bass are Fender-Designed Single-Coil Jazz Bass pick-ups placed on the neck and bridge controlled by two volume and a master tone knob. Hardware finish is in chrome for the Knurled-knobs, 4-Saddle Standard bridge and Standard Open-Gear tuning machines.

Where to buy: Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Jazz Bass ’70s, Natural $349.99 Amazon

Yamaha TRBX304Yamaha TRBX304

Read Full Review Yamaha is a smorgasbord of products and services. Its instrument line alone constitute a huge portion on the overall product the brand has to deliver. Including a series of entry level, mid-range bass in which the TRBX304 is part of and premium models.

The perfectly balance body of the Yamaha TRBX304 which allows easy access on the higher frets is sculpted in solid mahogany complimented with in an array of finish players can choose from. Neck is bolt-on crafted using 5pc maple/mahogany combination, top of by a 24 fret rosewood fingerboard.

YGD designed ceramic M3 pick-ups are place in the neck and bridge for the noiseless incredible sound definition the bass is able to provide, controlled by a master volume, bass, treble, pick-up blend control and performance EQ switch blade. High-mass die-cast bridge and Tuners completes the major parts.

Where to buy: Yamaha TRBX304 CAR 4-String Electric Bass Guitar $349.99 Amazon

Fender Standard Jazz and Precision BassFender Standard Precision and Jazz Bass

Read Full Review Its a toss up between the two classic bass, so might as well suggest them both. The term “Precision” on a bass doesn’t really identify the pick-ups being use, rather it is more about the use of frets on bass. When the P-bass was introduced, it quickly substituted the double bass which is played with a bow or by plucking the strings but without a fret.

The P-bass and Jazz bass are totally different instrument to play with. Their bodies has a slight difference in the curves made with alder and the neck is wider for the P-bass while the Jazz having a narrower rounded neck appealing to most jazz players.

Pick-ups differs as well. The P-bass slash PJ bass can have a single split single-coil controlled by a volume and tone, or a split single-coil on the neck with single-coil on the bridge controlled by two volume and a tone knob. Jazz bass uses single-coils for the neck and bridge with two volume and master tone knobs.

Common to these bass guitars is the use of 4-Saddle Standard Vintage-Style with Single Groove Saddles, Standard Open-Gear Tuning Machines and available in maple or rosewood fingerboard.

Where to buy: Fender Standard Jazz Electric Bass Guitar – Maple Fingerboard, Brown Sunburst $599.99 Amazon