5 Best Bass Multi-Effects Pedals For Beginners (2018 Review)

Best Bass Multi-Effects Pedals

There are two ways a bassist can get started playing with bass effects pedals. It can either be collecting different bass effects stompboxes then later on create a pedal train or with a bass multi-effects pedals that has presets of effects clustered in one machine.

Using a bass multi-effects pedals is a lot cheaper than buying individual stompboxes. It is a more conservative approach and introduction on playing with effects because instead of buying the effects one by one you can have it all in one machine including other features like a drum machine to play along, a built-in tuner to keep your bass in perfect pitch, and a looper that you can record, patching sound in layers to create basslines, riffs and licks.

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Zoom B1Xon Bass Effects Pedal with Expression PedalZoom B1Xon Bass Effects Pedal with Expression Pedal

This small bass multi-effects processor from Zoom on a budget price of $50 to $70 dollars is pack with features to go along with the presets of effects that comes with the machine namely a variety of distortion, compression, modulation, delay, reverb, and amp models.

Programming is simple and the use of the effects processor is pretty straightforward, easily can be use even by a first timer playing the bass with effects. Choose and play with 5 effects simultaneously chained anyway you like, together with the 68 built-in rhythm pattern for accompaniment during practice or on-stage performance and record up to 30 seconds of CD-quality audio using the looper included in the machine. It also has a built-in tuner which is an essential pedal to have on any pedal train.

The B1Xon is ideal for budding bassist who already wants to start playing with effects without spending too much on one, while having the most commonly use effects by seasoned bassist like compression and modulations.

Where to buy: Zoom B1Xon Bass Effects Pedal with Expression Pedal $69.99 Amazon

VOX STOMPLAB2B Multi-EffectsVOX StompLab 2B Multi-Effects Processor

Another budget friendly multi-effects unit for beginners and even for experience bass players to have is the Vox stamplab. The effects unit is small compact and enclosed on a road worthy casing. A great bass effects unit to be use on a studio, bedroom, dorm rooms and to bring along during travel.

The design of the stomplab is well thought of for being easy to use. The effects are divided in style categories each having 10 presets of effects dialed in using rotary switches giving the user a total of 100 different presets of effects quite extensive on a small machine. It also features a user bank that you can store up to 20 programs, a chromatic tuner to always keep you in perfect pitch and use up to 8 different effects simultaneously as you prefer.

Overall this multi has lots of feature that a bassist needs to enhance their bass playing and to muster more voice with the presets of effects and amp models the machine is capable of simulating.

Where to buy: VOX STOMPLAB2B Multi-Effects Modeling Pedal for Bass Guitar 89.99 Amazon

DigiTech BP355 Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Processor, Stomp ModeDigiTech BP355 Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

The BP355 from DigeTech is a more advance and powerful bass multi-effects processor that a bass player will enjoy using on mustering more tones through the presets of effects, amp models and 70 user presets essential on creating unique bassline or when covering songs that uses effects on a bass like filters, distortion, octave, delays, so on and so fort.

The flexibility of this multi-effects unit lays within the pre-programmed 70 factory presets, 70 user presets and by using the USB port on the BP355, bass players can now stream audios on their computer and customize the presets giving them the freedom to be more creative on their tones and sound they want to produce on a bass.

Like any other multi-effects on this range, the unit also includes a built-in tuner, a looper features to record, and 60 high quality drum patterns which is great to play along during practice that really helps improve timing, precision and keeps the creative juices flowing with the different beats it provides.

This effects unit is a no cash pour for the friendly price tag it has. You can already do a lot with this multi-effects through the number of features just mentioned and the number of preset effects on the machine.

Where to buy: DigiTech BP355 Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Processor Stomp Mode $199.95 Amazon

Zoom B3nZoom B3n Bass Guitar Effects and Amp Simulator

This multi-effects pedal from Zoom compared with other multi’s on the market today is well received in almost all reviews you can read about and imagine for its affordable price, features it offers and the number of well-known artist that uses it.

The unit has a whooping 67 effects on its bank to use up to 7 effects simultaneously chained together in any order including distortion, overdrive, modulation, delay, reverb and many amp models. Another to look forward into the unit is the memory locations for storage of user created patches or download factory preset patches using the free software for Mac/Windows.. 

It also has a on-board chromatic tuner to keep your instrument always in tune with dedicated foot swtich which can support all standard bass tunings, including open and drop tunings. Have fun playing your bass with the looper feature on the machine that you can record up to 80 seconds of CD-quality recording and play along with 68 built-in rhythm patterns making each practice session interesting, enjoyable and a lot cooler because of the accompaniment it provides when playing the bass.

Considering this Zoom B3n bass multi effects pedal above all others is a great choice because of its affordable price, easy to use effects interface and the features it has in total. Highly recommended for beginners and seasoned bass players alike as their go to effects unit.

Where to buy: Zoom B3n Bass Guitar Effects and Amp Simulator $199.99 Amazon

Boss ME-20B Bass Multi-EffectsBoss ME-20B Bass Multi-Effects Processor

Mix and match, costumize a wide variety of effects including compressor, overdrive, distortion, T-Wah, phaser, flanger, chorus, delay, reverb, defretter, synth, and more with this multi-effects processor from Boss. This top huncho of the multi-effects world is easy to use, lightweight, can fit on almost all gig bag and has a sleek design, solid constructions made of die-cast aluminum making it road worthy and very strong.

Store up to 30 sounds you created in the ME-20B user memory bank and edit sounds using the EZ Edit mode on the machine base on your preference for a good clean bass tone or to add flavor to the sound using the effects features easily with just a press of a button and turn of a switch. The unit can run on 6 AAA battery or with a power adaptor. Inputs and outputs to hook up your bass and stereo outputs. Aux in jack for an MP3 player so you can jam along with tunes, and a tuner built-in as well for your bass to be in perfect pitch all the time.

Another recommended affordable bass multi-effects processor with a lot of features that can improve your sound and enhance the way you play the bass. Easily muster more sound and get all the essential effects in just one machine using the Boss ME-20B.

Where to buy: Boss ME-20B Bass Multi-Effects $219.00 Amazon

There is a saying, you don’t need more effects what you need is more practice which is true in away. On a bass, effects are utilize greatly to enhance an already good bassline by adding flavor to it using effects, balancing the tones through compression and using EQ or preamp to control and gain volume without sounding muddy.

Meaning it is still skills that makes a great bass tone and bassline not the effects alone. In regards on using a multi or a stompbox, there is no right or wrong whether you want to use multi’s or stompboxes as your effects. This all comes down on your preference and what you want, because they all just work the same.


Price varies for each, but regarding the resale value. It is much easier to re-sell a second hand stompbox than a second hand multi-effects due to the upgrades when a new model comes out in the market. Nevertheless multi-effects processors is still a go to bass effects pedals by many bassist out there because of the cluster of presets effects, progammable effects user bank and other features included like tuner, drum machine, looper and multi-effects compact design.