5 Best Guitar Tool Kit (2018 Review)

guitar tool kits

Apart from being a guitarist, we are also the first guitar technician for our instrument, and the most basic of know how on maintaining the guitar is changing the guitar strings and cleaning the guitar. However, if you also own an electric guitar or bass to take care of, adding to what have just been mentioned is, adjusting the height of the strings on the bridge for string action and intonation. Also replacement of pickguard for aesthetic value, up to pick-up positioning for a better sounding guitar.

There are also quit a few guitar players that can replace the nut, bridge and fret wires when there is buzzing, but this part will require a lot of skills, expertise and courage in order to do it on your own and best leave it to a certified luthier to do it for you.

Just like any other hobby there are suitable tools needed for the job. As general rule of thumb, use only the tools which are appropriate for the parts, especially when loosening and tightening screws on the guitar. As well as having a sharp cutter that you can use to easily cut through the strings avoiding it to snap for safety.

Having a guitar tool kit as part of your guitar equipment can help you set-up your guitar correctly. With every tools inside suitable to use in your guitar starting from changing the strings, checking the strings height, and setting up guitar intonation. Keeping one your guitar case to bring along comes in handy because you really never know when you’ll need one.

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Son Strummer Set of 13 Premium Luthier ToolsSon Strummer Set of 13 Premium Luthier Tools

Luthier tool set are specifically created to aid luthiers to complete the most basic up to the most difficult repairs and adjustments. This tool set helps luthiers make the necessary measurements to diagnose the problem and make the proper adjustments. The pin puller made from hard thick plastic for removing stuck bridge pins of acoustic guitars. Stainless steel fingerboard protector for level filling and crowning.

Took Kit Includes:

  • 9 Stainless Steel Understring Radius Gauges 7.25″, 9.5″, 10″, 12″, 14″, 15″, 16″, 17″, 20″
  • 1 Pin Puller Keychain for acoustic guitar
  • 1 Double Sided Etched Stainless Steel String Action Gauge Ruler
  • 2 Stainless Steel Fingerboard Fret Protector Guards in 2 sizes.

Where to buy: Son Strummer Set of 13 Premium Luthier Tool Kit $29.99 Amazon

CruzTools GTSH1 Stagehand Compact Tech KitCruzTools GTSH1 Stagehand Compact Tech Kit

CruzTools is one of the best guitar tool kit on the market for musician’s today. This tool kit makes every process of setting up the guitar easy. Even you just started and have a little bit of knowledge setting up a guitar, this tool kit can walk you through the basics of changing the strings up to setting guitar intonation and string action. Setting up the guitar is not a one time process and you will need a tool kit to do this time and time again. For a quick fine tune or a full guitar set-up on any electric, acoustic, classical and bass guitar this guitar tool kit got it all covered.

Tool Kit Includes:

  • 19 Pieces Magnetic Hex Bit
  • Hex Bit Set – Inch – 0.050″, 1/16″, 5/64″, 3/32″, 1/8″ Ball End Long, 3/16″ Ball End Long
  • Hex Bit Set – Metric – 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm Ball End Long, 5mm Ball End Long
  • Hex Bit Set – Sockets – 5/16″, 1/2″, 12mm
  • Hex bit Set – Screwdrivers – #1 Phillips, #2 Phillips, 2.5mm Slotted, 1/4″ Slotted
  • 15 Blade Thickness Gauge With Ruler
  • String Cutter
  • Capo
  • String Winder
  • 600 denier Polyester Pouch

Where to buy: CruzTools GTSH1 Compact Tech Kit $34.95 Amazon

GIGmate Guitar Tool Kit & String OrganizerGIGmate Guitar Tool Kit And String Organizer

This kit is excellent on maintaining a Fender, Squier by Fender and any other brand of guitar from electric to acoustic guitars and bass. For a more efficient way to change your guitar strings and setting up a guitars, this kit has all the tools needed to get the job done. The most basic of tools like the string cutter made out of carbon steel can easily cut through any strings. The 2-in-1 screwdriver and set of Allen wrench perfectly match any type of micro-screws on the guitar.

Tool Kit Includes:

  • Carbon Steel String Cutters
  • 2-in-l Screwdriver
  • 5 Allen Wrenches made in USA: 0.050 inch for Fender USA saddles 1.5mm for Fender MIM & most import saddles 2.5mm and 3.mm for Floyd Rose
  • 5.0mm long Ball End Truss Rod Wrench For Martin,Takamine And Other Asian Truss Rods
  • String Winder With Peg Pemover
  • Led Flashlight 2 AAA batteries
  • 6 Pocket String Organizer, Pick Pocket, Trem Poker
  • Guitar Action Gauge Set Up Rule Stainless Steel

Where to buy: GIGmate Guitar Tool Kit $32.95 Amazon

Ernie Ball Musician's Tool KitErnie Ball Musician’s Tool Kit

For strings, picks, cable and other guitar accessories Ernie Ball is one of the best and their products are popular among all guitar enthusiast. As one of the more recognizable brand on accessories Ernie Ball offers their musician tool kit that has all the things needed on maintaining a guitar. A complete system for changing the strings and adjusting the parts for guitar intonation, string action and cleaning for a better sounding guitar. A very nice and high quality tool kit that can fit on any guitar case for traveling musician’s and can also work as well for any guitar work station. It comes with instructional leaflet containing information on how to set-up a guitar.

Tool Kit includes:

  • Microfiber Polish Cloth
  • Wonder Wipes
  • Heavy Duty String Cutter
  • Peg Winder
  • 6-in-1 Screwdriver
  • Ruler
  • Durable Hex Wrench Set
  • Tool Case

Where to buy: Ernie Ball Musician’s Tool Kit $36.99 Amazon

Elagon Guitar Pro Care Cleaner KitElagon Guitar Pro Care Cleaner Kit

The kit is a collection of essential tools needed to maintain the performance of the guitar. Perfect to use at home and on the road for both beginners and pro-guitarist alike. It comes in a case that fits well on any guitar gigbag with all the tools included are pro-kit quality that you can use over and over again for years. A complete and easy to understand instructional manual is also included and downloadable glossary for all tech terms as needed. Usabilty of the whole kit for it’s price range is a great deal and an awesome piece to add on your guitar equipment.

Tool Kit Includes:

  • Guitar Polish 60 ml/2 oz.
  • Polish Cloth 30 x 30 cm/12 x 12″ Machine Washable
  • String Cleaner grey For String Cleaning,
  • Lubricant Stick White For String Lubrication.
  • One Set Allen Keys. Sizes: 6 mm, 5.5 mm, 5 mm, 4 mm, 3 mm, 2.5 mm, 2 mm, 1.5 mm.
  • Screwdriver 4 + 2 Heads
  • Dust Brush
  • Metallic Capo
  • Digital Tuner
  • Stainless Steel Guitar Slide
  • 6 Picks
  • Plectrum Storage String Compartment
  • String Winder And Bridge Pin Puller
  • String Cutting Pliers
  • String Action Ruler Stainless Steel
  • Oxford Cloth Bag With Zipper

Where to buy: Elagon Guitar Pro Care Cleaner Kit $71.95 Amazon

Adding on to the guitar tool kit for a guitar work station. A self angling platform support for the guitar neck from Dunlop and a work mat designed for musical instrument maintenance by Nomad.

Dunlop NC65 Formula 65 Neck Cradle Maintenance StationDunlop NC65 Formula 65 Neck Cradle Station

  • Revolutionary Design For Guitar Maintenance And Repair
  • Fully Pupport The Back And Front Of The Guitar Neck
  • Versatile For Guitar Neck Support

Where to buy: Dunlop NC65 Formula 65 Neck Cradle Station $24.29 Amazon

Music Nomad MN208 Premium Instrument Work MatMusic Nomad MN208 Premium Work Mat

  • High Performance Durable TPE Material Large 36″ x 17″ / 91cm x 43cm
  • Safe For All Instrument Finishes
  • Free From Rubber, PVC, Lead, Latex, Dioxins And Chloride
  • Bacteria resistance
  • Anti Slip And Anti Static Surface Traction
  • With Convenient Storage Strap

Where to buy: Music Nomad MN208 Premium Work Mat $14.99 Amazon

What Is A Guitar String Changing Tool Kit

A guitar changing tool kit is an equipment comprises of different tools specially made for the guitar. Inside every kit has a set of Allen wrench, string or wire cutter, peg winder, polish cloth, a screw driver, ruler, and wipes that are all kept in a case. The use of the guitar tool kit is for changing the guitar strings, cleaning and for adjustment of parts of the guitar. Price of the kit may vary depending on the brand and other inclusion on the kit.

What To Look For On A Guitar Tool Kit

We are all consumers and we want the best value for our money. On buying any tools, “quality is the first priority”. Price and brand of the product can be a factor, but not all the time. Reading reviews, comments, suggestion, rating and comparing the products specification can help to find out who offers the best set of tools for you to use.

Budget And How Much To Spend For A Guitar String Changing Tool Kit

Spending a few bucks for a guitar changing tool kit is a good investment. The tool kit doesn’t really cost that much to hurt the pocket. A high quality guitar tool kit can really help you maintain your guitar and can last you for years, because your just going to use it for adjusting micro-screws and will not be subjected to a strong force when tightening and loosing screws. Rather than looking at the price of the kit, it is much better to focus on the use of the tool kit and what it can do for you every time you need to change strings and fine tune your guitar.

How To Change Guitar Strings?

With your guitar string changing tool kit this task will be a breeze and you can work efficiently without having any trouble on finding what tools to use. The first step to do when changing the string is you wanna loosen up the strings first with the peg winder. This is important because loosening up the string releases the tension on the strings preventing the strings to snap avoiding accident and for safety. It is also easier to cut through the strings with the string cutter because you have a little bit of play with the strings. When your on the process of cutting the strings, do it one by one, keeping a hold on every strings that you cut, again for safety. Remove the string by holding all six strings with your one hand then remove the string on the tuners with your other hand. For the remaining strings on the bridge, remove it one by one. Without the strings you can clean now the fingerboard and the body of the guitar with your cleaning and polishing kit.

For placing fresh strings on your guitar, depending on the brand of the strings your going to use, some brands comes in color coded, and others aren’t. If not, arrange first the strings in order to avoid interchanging it when putting it on your guitar. Place first the low E string, insert it in the bridge then do the same with the other strings in order. Start again with the low E string when placing on the tuners. When cutting the Low E string for the appropriate length before inserting it to the tuner, the best way to do this is you wanna measure it up two machineheads ahead of the low E string machinehead to have the right length then cut. Insert the string on the hole just enough that you see the string slightly pass through, then use the peg winder with your other hand to wind the string counter clockwise. While winding the string don’t forget to insert the string on the nut of the guitar before having some tension. Do this with the rest of the string just making sure your always two machineheads ahead before cutting the strings. Then tune your guitar with your ear and chromatic tuner.

Setting Up Guitar Intonation And String Action

Setting up the guitar intonation and string action is done by adjusting the pick-ups and the bridge. Raising and lowering the strings on the bridge changes the strings action and tuning of the guitar. As well as when you loosen and tighten the strings on the bridge. String action is how you feel the strings when your pressing down on the fret. When you place it to high, the string will feel stiff, and when to low it will make a buzzing sound or rattling noises.

Intonation for a guitar means is; for each string to play accurately in tune as you go up the neck when your playing different notes. If the guitar intonation is correct and the strings on the guitar is in tune to begin with, as you go up by pressing the string on each fret, all the notes you play should be in tune and this has to be done in all the strings. You can use a tuner and by hearing it, you can check if your guitar has proper intonation.

In relation with the pick-ups, raising and lowering the strings on the bridge affects the vibration received by the pick-ups. You can adjust this easily by raising and lowering the pick-ups height for each strings. To check for the proper height of your pick-ups for each string, what you can do is, press on the twelfth fret then pluck the string, if the pick-up height is not correct you will hear like a wobbling sound of the note produced by the pick-up but if it’s correct you will hear a straighter note produce by the pick-up. Basically that’s how it should sound.

Playing the guitar is a great hobby to begin with. Practicing to gain skills of course is the first priority, but to become a more well rounded guitarist, taking care of the guitar plays a big part. Well that about it, hope you enjoy reading this article and helped you on what your looking for. If you find this helpful, please kindly share we really appreciate it. Goodluck!