7 Best Affordable Acoustic Guitars Under $100 (2018 Review)

Affordable Acoustic Guitars

To keep it simple and brief, these affordable acoustic guitars under a hundred dollar value modestly exhibits the basic sought after qualities and characteristics to consider when choosing for a beginner guitar. They are aesthetically pleasing to begin with just like any other guitars in the market. Presents a decent sound quality that one can already and listeners too would appreciate. Also these guitars has the playability that can enable a beginner to learn the guitar in no time without any reservation of what so ever and most of all, the cheap price on these guitars makes them a go to guitar for beginners to have on just a small budget.

Cheap or affordable acoustic guitars may not be the best of the best, but it doesn’t necessarily mean and to quickly conclude that these guitars are bad sounding, unplayable and having poor quality. It mainly refers to their street price and just for being so affordable that anyone can get their hands onto and start playing. The manufacturers of these guitars on this list really makes them decent sounding and playable to compete on the market of today for the need of this type of inexpensive guitars. In fact, even big name brands like Fender, Squier by Fender, Epiphone, Gretsch, Ibanez, Yamaha and many others makes their own decent sounding budget friendly guitars, also because of the demand and the reality that not all can really afford an expensive model they offer.   

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Rogue Starter Acoustic GuitarRogue Starter Acoustic Guitar

This guitar is probably one of best if not the best beginner acoustic guitar out there for a price range way below a hundred. It is a little bit smaller than a standard size guitar that makes it suitable for kids on their 6th to 8th grade and a guitar not too small for adults to use as well to enjoy learning and playing with. The sound is nice and decent for its price and the guitar category it is into, having a warm mellow tone with enough volume to hear each note produced by each strings and guitar body contributing mainly to its playability. This particular guitar model from Rouge comes in different color finishes to choose from, but this one on the list we believe is the most unique especially when comparing the finish of this guitar with another guitar on other brands in the same level and price range.

Where to buy: Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar Walnut $59.99 Amazon 

Rouge RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic GuitarRouge RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

For a full size guitar this one is very inexpensive and a great deal if you’re looking to find one on an acoustic guitar. The guitar finish itself is far better than most on this price range by having a vintage sunburst top for a classic vibe feel and this finish as we all know is timeless, always going to be a good look on any type of guitar. In regards with the sound it brings to the table, even though the wood use is not that “high-end” like the ones on a $150 to $200 range acoustic guitar for a realistic comparison, having a dreadnought body guitar, it is still expected to be crisp on finger picking and boomy when played strumming style with a lot of sustain. Investing on a guitar like this wont hurt the pocket, even just for a simple reason of having a playable guitar ready to be pick up around the house.

Where to buy: Rouge RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Sunburst $104.99 Amazon

Jasmine S35 Acoustic GuitarJasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

Another quintessential favorite beginner acoustic guitar to have on this category with a spruce top, although not to be confuse with a solid spruce top guitar, but it is much better than most plywood top you can find on this price bracket. This alone with the big dreadnought sound is a nice feature to have on this kind of guitars. The sides, back and neck are made of nato, a much less expensive species of mahogany wood coming from Asia. Its neck also comes with a truss rod, an important part on a guitar to straighten the neck if it needs to and for setting-up the guitar to make it better sounding and playable. Among the many entry level acoustic guitars right now, the Jasmine S-35 by Takamine is a gem. Apart from being affordable, this guitar has surprise a lot of seasoned guitar players on how good sounding and playable this guitar is, and has been a topic of guitar reviews across the net receiving continues high satisfactory ratings and great comments from guitar experts, intermediate players and beginners alike.

Where to buy: Jasmine S35 by Takamine Acoustic Guitar, Natural $101.27 Amazon

Gibson MaestroMaestro by Gibson 38” Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar

The slim and small parlor body design on this guitar gives a different set of comfort and look on a guitar. For a small body guitar, the expected voice sound it will produce is going to be mellow for finger picking and medium range volume sound for strumming style. A great small body guitar for children ages 9 to 12 years old to begin with, not to mention for women, and also for aspiring guitar players with smaller hands or for those having problems playing with a standard size dreadnought because the guitar size is too big for them to carry and handle to play. Besides that, the guitar suits the purpose for non-beginners who are looking for an affordable guitar to bring along during their travels. It comes with a strap, extra strings, and plectrums.

Where to buy: Gibson Maestro 38″ Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar, Black, with Accessories $84.99 Amazon 

Arcadia Acoustic GuitarArcadia DL41 Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar Pack

There are plenty of guitar packages to choose from that comes with all the basic equipment a beginner guitar player would ever need to start learning and playing right away. As you search for a good starter pack that suits the budget, you will find most of these offers are above the hundreds and don’t have the guitar size you want. With that being said and to look no further, here is one that may interest a budding guitarist to resort to just hitting the said hundred dollar mark price. The guitar included on the pack is a dreadnought guitar that comes in 3 colors, natural, black and sunburst. Its top is made from spruce with mahogany back and sides assembled all together using cream binding. The smooth hand sanded meranti mahogany neck has a 20 fret rosewood finger board, complete with a fully adjustable professional style double action truss rod. For beginners looking for a smaller version of this pack, it also comes in 36” and 38” inches, the Arcadia DL36 and Arcadia DL38. All of the package comes with a clip-on tuner, gig bag, guitar strap, picks, extra set of strings, chord chart and guide.

Where to buy: Arcadia DL41NA PAK Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar Pack $89.95 Amazon

Martin Smith Electric Acoustic GuitarMartin Smith W-401E Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Electric acoustic guitar gives the best of both worlds, a beginner can play it as it is, plug on amp or play the guitar on a mic. The guitar is a 40” inch triple 000 design guitar with a single cutaway to easily reach the higher frets and has an on-board passive pick-up for an amplified experience, which is a great addition for the sound it will produce on an affordable guitar. When it goes down on how it performs, it has the basic sought after qualities on a guitar this level in regards with sound quality, playability, and built. Choose from the 3 glossy finishes it comes with namely white, black and red. Not to forget as bonus, the guitar includes an extra set of strings, a guitar strap, cable, 2 set of allen wrench for fine tuning the guitar and plectrums adding more value and bang for the bucks a beginner would spend.

Where to buy: Martin Smith W-401E-WHT Electro-acoustic Guitar Cutaway Pack, White $89.95 Amazon

Kona K1GL Acoustic Dreadnought GuitarKona K1TRD Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar has a popular dreadnought body design for a fuller and louder sound with a single cutaway for easy access on the higher frets. Overall it plays and sounds great, very well worth it for an entry level acoustic guitar were the price point is not that much for a beginner to invest their money on. Out of the box it has the basic set-up, in a sense it is ready to use and you can fine tune the guitar later on based on your preference making it more better sounding and playable for your taste. Respective to the sound quality, finish, build and materials use on this guitar, to some extent it is already comparable to an entry level acoustic guitars of some well-known brands like Squier by Fender dreadnought acoustic guitar, Fender FA-100 and Epiphone DR-100. Extras included with the guitar are two pick guards, polishing cloth, neck wrench, warranty and care guide.

Where to buy: Kona K1TRD Acoustic Dreadnought Cutaway Guitar in Transparent Red Finish $63.75 Amazon