5 Best Bass Guitar Amplifiers for Beginners (2018 Review)

Best Bass Guitar Amplifiers For Beginners

Aside from the tones coming out of your hands and bass guitar. The bass amplifier going to be use is another key ingredient in achieving a great sound. With that having said, there are plenty to choose from starting at the $100 and $200 range for a practice amp, and if the money to spend say so. Why not to go ahead on a bigger bass combo with at least a minimum of 75 watts to 1000 watts class D power for a more beefy overtones and bottom ends.

These bass combo amplifiers we are introducing for beginners and Pro bass players alike can already deliver a tight and punchy sound. They’re also all loud enough to cut thru the mix playing with a guitarist plugged on a 20 to 30 watts amplifier and to keep up in rehearsal jam sessions with a drummer, especially when the amp is running on front house support. So not to waste more of your time, here are our recommendation for the best bass guitar amplifiers for beginners.

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Fender Rumble 100Fender Rumble 100

The Fender Rumble series is a common choice bass amp for beginners. It is tested reliable and being celebrated with the introduction of its version 3. These third generation Rumble bass amps are said to be much lighter and more louder than the previous models. Then it is followed by its top to bottom overhauled look in true Fender fashion.

Featured here is the Fender Rumble 100 watt model with a 1×12” inch custom speaker, housed in a vinyl lined closed cabinet complete with silver clothe grilles. Like the smaller 40 watt version 3, the 100 watt model has a lot to offer to carve out tones, yet in a higher wattage for better headroom. It has gain control, channel switching to go from bright, contour to vintage, EQ bass-low mid-high mid-treble for shaping and master volume control. Input and output jacks are found at the back for, effects, audio source, recording, headphone and a direct input XLR line out.

Where to buy: Fender Rumble 100 V3 Bass Combo Amplifier $299.99 Amazon

Ampeg BA112V2Ampeg BA112V2

Ampeg for over many years has always been a stable source of great amplification for bass. The range of bass amps this brand develops caters mainly to everyone in regards with the price point of each bass amps for a bassist to buy one, and to those of course who would want an Ampeg kind delivered bass sound.

Working like a monitor wedge by directing the sound to the ears and not on the legs. The tilt back Ampeg BA112 is a 75 watts beginner combo with a single Ampeg custom 12” inch speaker that delivers the low to high-end sounds. Controls are placed in front for quick tone blending consist of a master volume with ultra low and high settings, Legacy Ampeg preamp with 3-band EQ and Scrambler drive circuit with blend adding the grit of SVT to the amp. Other controls are Aux level control, -15dB input pad for active basses or additional level control and set of input/output jack to plugin an audio player and headphone.

Where to buy: Ampeg BA112v2 75 Watts Combo Bass Amplifier $299.99 Amazon


To those who are looking for a 1000 watts bass combo amplifier on a budget for home use and gigs, the Bugera ULTRABASS BXD12 definitely is the best out there in the market that can give any bass player the loudness they will ever need to go live and a run for their money.

The 1000 watts Bugera BXD12 is a Class-D bass combo amplifier with a 12” inch turbo sound speaker put together on a tilt back constructed cabinet. What makes this amplifier a Class-D is because of the combination of analog circuitry and digital technology making it a hybrid in amplification terms. Rotary controls are comprise of a master volume, dedicated bass-mid-freq-treble controls for sound shaping, a gain knob, and a compressor to increase sustain, that also smoothens out the volume. For pressable switch, it has a ultra low and high for EQ settings, -15dB input pad for active basses or additional level control, compressor switch, and mute. Input/output sockets are XLR DI line, tuner out, effects insert, L/R aux-in and for the foot switch.

Where to buy: Bugera ULTRABASS BXD12 1000 Watts Bass Combo $299.99 Amazon

Gallien-Krueger MB110Gallien-Krueger MB110

Catching many bassist attention or in case not yet familiar with the Gallien-Krueger brand. This company made bass amplification their bread and butter. Staring from the head & speaker cabinets, then heading to their MB combo amp models that are clean looking, and has all the essentials features to influence the bassist overall sound.

After the smallest in the line, 25 watts MB108 practice amplifier. The series takes a giant leap to the MB110 that has 100 watts of power with a 1×10” inch speaker that can be brought already to use for lighter gigs. Panel control is top loaded consist of a gain knob, active rotary equalizer bass-low mid-high mid-treble, contour switch, -10dB attenuator pad and power switch that alerts when there is dirty power. Patch bay on top on top panel are aux-in and headphone output, while on the back are the DI out with pre/post EQ switch and chain output for the MBP powered enclosure expandability from GK.

Where to buy: Gallien-Krueger MB110 100 Watts Bass Combo Amplifier $319.99 Amazon

Hartke HD150Hartke HD150

Last but definitely not the least completing our list of bass amps for beginners is Hartke’s HD150. This bass combo amp is packs with 150 watts serious power voiced out on a 15” inch hybrid paper aluminum speaker. Making sure the amp will not missed out on warmth and high drive sounds for players of all styles.

Panel controls are top mounted consist of a volume, EQ bass-mid-treble as well as a 7-band graphic EQ for finite adjustments. Other features that comes with the amp are full effects loop to integrate effects, stereo aux input for playing along with tracks via MP3 player, headphone output for silent practice sessions and an XLR direct input for routing your signal to a mixer for live and studio settings. Lastly, it has a built-in limiter to ensure operation at safe levels and it cabinet is finished on a nice textured tolex with the speaker enclosed on a perforated metal grille. Side carry handles and casters are included.

Where to buy: Hartke HD150 100 Watts Bass Combo Amplifier $379.99 Amazon