8 Best Bass Guitar Amplifiers Under $100 (2018 Review)

Best Bass Guitar Amplifiers Under $100

Typically speaking on a limited budget of one hundred dollars to spend on a bass guitar amplifier. A bass player can already treat themselves with a small, yet still reliable bass amp with around three to twenty watts of max power to use for practice.

These type of bass amps are simple to use and are very well capable to arrive on a specific sweet spot of their own. With a decent amount of high-end and lows to be playable, even thou their output volume is a bit compromise.

One of the best place to play with these small combos is in the bedroom. This is an area of the house where most musicians begins honing in their skills by learning new or to develop existing techniques so that they can reach the goal of becoming ridiculously good at playing and sounding musically on their chosen instrument.

Apparently, the choices at this price range is vast and wide to list out everything. So that’s why we have only selected just some of what we think are the best bass amplifiers under $100 base on the brand, popularity in delivering the needed tones and amount volume it provides in such a small package.

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Balckstar Mini AmpBlackstar Fly 3 Bass

Compact and innovative with 3 watts of power to deliver impressive tones on a 2 channel combo is Blackstar Fly 3 Bass amplifier. On a fly this mini amp is battery powered, lightweight and portable, which makes it ideal for bassist who loves practicing even on the go.

The chassis of the amp is made of plastic that is durable enough to take it on the road. There are two selectable channels for the clean and OD controls for the dirty tones to go along with the mid-cut EQ as well as a compressor to nicely blend the dynamics of the overall sound. Other features that comes with the amp is a Sub channel to increased low-end girth when pressed, headphone line-out for quiet practices, audio input jack to plug-in a MP3 player, cellphone, and laptop working as a monitor.

Where to buy: Blackstar FLY3BASS Guitar Amplifier Head $69.99 Amazon

Peavey Max 126Peavey Max 126

The Peavey Max 126 is very much a beginner bass amplifier that offers the most basic of tones on a bass to let you just go out there and play. It is pretty small to be easily store when not in use, or placed permanently on a corner without covering too much space.

This 10 watts amp has 6.5” inch speaker housed in all black sturdy speaker box complete with metal corners and chicken knobs. The controls are easy to use to dial-in a clean round sound, and the selectable vintage gain control with Peavey’s patented TransTube circuitry for the distorted channel. Then both the channels sound are enhanced by an EQ bass and treble like in any other amp. Headphone together with an Aux-in input jack that measures ¼” inch are all available.

Where to buy: Peavey Max 126 Bass Combo Amplifier $78.95 Amazon

Hartke HD15Hartke HD15

Less on the controls, but able to give an optimal sound with a better volume for a simple plug and play practice bass amplifier is the Hartke HD15. This amp has a pleasing black vinyl cover paired with chrome corner for its overall design. Then it is top of by a 15 watts power heard using Hartke’s patented HyDrive speakers made of half aluminum and half paper, making it a hybrid speaker.

Control panel is located above the amp and it is straight forward in giving away sounds using only a master volume, and EQ bass-mid-treble. Also placed on the top panel is a ¼” inch output jack for a headphone and aux-in input to use an audio source for playing with tracks. Grab handle to carry the amp is available.

Where to buy: Hartke HD15 Bass Combo Amplifier $89.99 Amazon

Ibanez Promethean P20Ibanez Promethean P20

First to fully stretch the budget range of a hundred dollar sparing only a cent for change on our list is the Ibanez Promethean P20. This bass practice amp brought by Ibanez has 20 watts of maximum power delivered on a 8” inch speaker placed inside a closed cabinet. 

The P20 system panel features a master volume, -10dB Input Pad for active basses or additional level control and the 4-band tone control consisting of low, low mid, high mid, and high to adjust the tonal character of the sound. Also included sitting next to the headphone hack is the aux input that allows to play along with an MP3 for backing track.

Where to buy: Ibanez Promethean 20W 1×8 Bass Combo Amp $99.99 Amazon

Eden EC8 EC SeriesEden EC8

Able to produce a decent punch on volume to already be considered loud for a small bass amp is Eden’s EC8. This amp is light and portable with simplified controls situated on the top backside of the amp to jump start learning on how to blend tones or the type of amp to be used by pro players to warm them up.

This bass amp has 20 watts of power exited on a Eden designed 1×8” inch speaker stored inside a compact carpeted finished cabinet. Controls are basic to operate using only a gain, enhance and tone knobs. Stereo media input to connect an MP3 and other devices is included to play along with a backing track and headphone output for silent practice.

Where to buy: Eden EC8 20 Watts Bass Combo Amplifier $99.99 Amazon

Ampeg BA108Ampeg BA108

When it comes to bass amplification, the Ampeg line of bass amplifiers are by far has always been exceptional in their built quality and how they can deliver an awesome sound. The main reason why a lot of bassist out there appreciate this brand and even sought after their other products.

The offering of Ampeg on a small combo amp with big tones is the Ampeg BA108. It is a 20 watts bass practice amp with 8” custom8 speaker and Legacy Ampeg preamp with a master volume control, 3-band EQ bass-mid-treble to adjust the parameters, -15dB input pad for active basses or additional level control and aux level control for the audio source input either plug on a 1/8” or 1/4” inch input jack. 1/8” output jack for headphone is also available.

Where to buy: Ampeg BA108 25-Watt 1×8 Bass Combo Amplifier $99.99 Amazon

Fender Rumble 25Fender Rumble 25

The Rumble series probably the first thing that comes into mind when looking for an affordable bass amplifier with a range of models starting from the smallest 15 watts Rumble up to the 500 watts Fender Rumble.

Fender Rumble 25 for a small practice amp is fantastic and to use for small jamming sessions, it can work nicely as well. It is a 25 watts bass amp with 8” inch Fender special designed speaker on a very recognizable black textured leather like vinyl cover cabinet with silver grille cloth. The controls are found on the top panel comprised of a master volume, EQ bass-mid-treble with contour button and overdrive switch to go from clean to drive. Aux-in and headphone jack completes the bass amp.

Where to buy: Fender Rumble 25 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier $99.99 Amazon

VOX Pathfinder Bass 10VOX Pathfinder Bass 10

Last but not the least on the well-known companies that are legendary when it comes to guitar and bass amplification for having a distinctive look in their design and quality of sound is the VOX brand.

For their entry in the budget market of bass amplifiers for beginners and enthusiast alike is the VOX PB10 bass combo. This 10 watts amp has a 2×5” inch VOX bulldog speaker enclosed on an classic basket-weave covered cabinet with diamond grille cloth and chicken head knobs that compliments the whole playing experience. Controls are top loaded consisting of a master volume, treble, bass and drive. There is also a button switch to make the tone even brighter and a headphone socket for silent practices.

Where to buy: VOX PB10 Bass Combo Amplifier $99.99 Amazon