8 Best Bass Guitar Amplifiers Under $200 (2018 Review)

Best Bass Guitar Amplifiers Under $200

For those who do not know yet, bass guitar amplifiers needs higher wattage than guitar amplifiers. This is simply because the bass guitar is naturally a low pitch instrument compared to the brighter sounding guitar. So therefore it will need all the wattage it can get in order for it to deliver the ”ideal” punchy sound.

The consensus on a bass amp is that, the higher the wattage, the more excellent response in volume output and better headroom, which are essential factors to produce that nice clean low and high-end sound on the bass. Now the question is. Do you need all that wattage for solo practices? Maybe not or a Yes for an answer, depending really on how you like it.

Bass guitar amplifiers under two hundred dollars are still considered in the practice amp range. They are a great option when the money is tight to buy a beginner bass amp with bigger wattage and another good reason is that their sound can be further boosted when mic’d up or by direct input on a PA system  to appreciate it even more. 

In accordance with the designated budget. We manage to gather a couple of these amps that we recognize are the best to recommend. They are comprise of varying wattage, the lowest would be is at 25 watts for combos and the highest we could find is a 300 watts head. All coming from brands bass musicians trust.

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Gallien-Krueger MB108Gallien-Krueger MB108

This bass combo amp offered by Gallien-Krueger for the budget audience is super portable and ultra lightweight to carry. The cabinet is made from an aluminum chassis lined by a tough black vinyl covering and the speaker is covered in clothe material with a GK logo.

It is a 25 watts amp with 1×8” inch ceramic speakers and the controls are straight forward to operate, loaded on top backside consist of a active 4-band EQ gain-treble-mid-bass for a no nonsense plug and just play amp. Sockets are input for the bass cord, aux-in for audio source and headphone jack for silent practice sessions.

Where to buy: Gallien-Krueger MB108 25 Watts Ultralight Bass Amplifier $165.00 Amazon

Ampeg BA110Ampeg BA110V2

The Ampeg BA110 is a top choice at this price range. Considering its 40 watts power capacity, being pushed out on a 10” inch Ampeg Custom10 speaker that can be aimed at the ears not in the legs, when the amp is placed on the floor just like a monitor wedge speaker.

This solid state bass amp has a volume control for general output, -15dB input pad for active basses or additional level control, 3-band rotary EQ bass-mid-treble to blend tones, and aux level knob for for the audio source material. A special feature on this amp is, it has an scrambler drive with blend control to achieve an overdriven svt or grind and gritty sound for bass. Aux-in and headphone jack socket are all included.

Where to buy: Ampeg BA110V2 40 Watts Bass Combo Amplifier 179.99 Amazon


Behringer’s entry for a good sounding and professional looking bass amp for practice and jam session is the tilt back Behringer BXL450A. This 45 watts with original Bugera 10″ inch aluminum cone speaker is a 2 channel bass amplifier that can capture every tones possible on a small package.

Channel 1 is for clean that has a separate gain control to add more character and body to the clean tones. While channel 2 is the distortion channel with dedicated gain, shape and level controls to grind in aggressive sounds. Both channels share an on-board 5-band FBQ equalizer to fine tune specific frequency region unlike other amps EQ which are generalized. RCA connections for your CD or mp3 player and headphone jack for quiet practice are included.

Where to buy: Behringer ULTRABASS BXL450A 40 Watts Combo $181.12 Amazon

Hartke HD50Hartke HD50

Coming from one of the powerhouse when it comes to bass amplification. The HD50 by Hartke gives bass players out there, all the required amount of power and essential features they will ever need on such a small bass amp.

Hartke HD50 is a cool 50 watts bass amplifier with a hybrid speaker combining paper and aluminum for its cone. Then it is attached on a ceramic magnet, giving the amp its versatility to produce warm and solid attack on the tones, best for all players of all styles. Control panel are mounted on top, easy to operate, consisting of a master volume knob, and 3-band EQ Bass-mid-treble knob to blend-in the sounds. Headphone and aux-in for audio source to play along are located at the top as well.

Where to buy: Hartke HD50 50 Watts Bass Combo Amplifier 199.99 Amazon

Peavey Max Series Max 110Peavey Max 110

Prospecting for a 100 watts bass amplifier with a 10” inch speaker that is built ready for rehearsals and small gigs are now made possible thru Peavey Max Series Max 110. The amp is housed in an all black tilt back cabinet complete with metal corners for added protection and has an old school chicken knobs for its rotary controls.

Panel control is situated on top of the amp consist of a gain with Peavey’s TransTube boost button, master volume that includes a unique psycho-acoustic low end enhancement button, and a 3-band EQ bass-mid-treble with mid shift. The Maxx110 features an active and passive input for the bass and it comes along with an on-board tuner to keep the instrument always in perfect pitch, aux-in and headphone output jack.

Where to buy: Peavey Max 110 100 Watts Bass Combo Amplifier $199.99 Amazon

Orange Crush Bass 25Orange Crush Bass 25

The Crush Bass 25 is the smallest in the Crush bass amp models, yet still it can exhibit that warm rounded tonal character of amplification like its bigger brothers in the line. Mainly the reason why many choose this bass amplifier as their go to amp above others when it comes for practice or to use as a back stage amp to warm up.

Orange Crush Bass 25 is a 25 watts bass combo amp with an 8” inch speaker that has a reflex port which improves the amp low-end response. For controls, it has a master volume, active 3-band parametric EQ bass-mid-freq-treble, and pad switch for active basses or additional level control. Additional features is an on-board LED lighted chromatic tuner, aux-in and headphone output jack. Crush Bass 25 is available in two colors. In legendary orange color basket weave vinyl covered cabinet and in black.

Where to buy: Orange Crush Bass 25 Watts Bass Guitar Amplifier $199.00 Amazon

Fender Rumble 40Fender Rumble 40

This brand needs no introduction and their rumble series of bass amps as well. The amp is on its third installment already, proving the amps reliability because it has serve and will continue to serve countless of bassist in the coming years.

The version 3 Fender Rumble is aesthetically overhauled for better styling and re-engineered to be much lighter and louder more than ever. Fender Rumble 40 is the 40 watts model in the line with a 10” inch custom speaker to voice out the sound. It is a 2 channel bass amplifier with selectable bright-contour-vintage button switch for shaping, overdrive channel with a drive and level control, gain knob, master volume and a 4-band EQ consist of bass-low mid-high mid-treble. Aux-in, XLR DI line out and haedphone output jack are placed on the back.

Where to buy: Fender Rumble 40 V3 40 Watts Bass Combo Amplifier $199.99 Amazon


This ultralight bass amplifier made by Behringer is cool 2 channel 300 watts head amp that can be paired with any speaker cabinet and a great choice when starting on a conservative budget. It has a clean with dedicated gain control and dirty channel with a gain-shape-level controls to tweak and get to the intended sound.

At the center of the panel is a FBQ equalizer to fine tune the frequencies accordingly and on the right completing the control panel is a compressor to smoothen out volume peaks for a nice even sound. Ultrabass knob for the low-end power and master volume. Socket on the front and rear are input for the bass cord, headphone out, aux-in, foot switch, FX loop, and XLR DI line out for a mixing console. Speaker out impedance is 4 to 8 ohms to match and use only the proper speaker cables.

Where to buy: Behringer ULTRABASS BXD3000H Bass Head Amplifier $149.99 Amazon