Best Bass Guitar Gig Bags (2018 Review)

Best Bass Guitar Gig Bags

Part of the bassist lifestyle is traveling in safety, organize and light. It can either be a short trip just around the city for practices and gigs or for long ones like from city to city up to going abroad for shows. With all the travels a bassist does, it is always accomplished and wont be possible without the help of a good bass guitar gig bag.

The gig bag is a bassist friend and the home of the bass. It is an essential equipment to have that benefits both. Investing on a good bass guitar gig bag is giving your bass guitar the best protection it deserves. And for features that will be very useful for a traveling bassist.

Gator G-PG BASS Pro Go SeriesGator G-PG BASS Pro Go Series Bass Guitar Gig Bag

The Pro Go Series is the flagship of Gator Cases for bass guitar gig bags. It is well built and padded for a premium case. Has a rugged construction made of durable nylon which make the bag stand on it’s own. Features quick grab handles on the front and on the side. Removable and adjustable backpack strap easily adjusted for your preference to get the right fit for your body type.

It includes a rain coat to protect you pro go case, accessories and your instrument not to get wet in case of rain. It has a large compartment on the front that can carry a lot of items that you need for practice and gigs. On the top another compartment to carry some personal stuff, like your wallet, keys, and cellphone. The things you need to get in a hurry.


In the inside it is lined by micro-fleece interior to keep your instrument finish safe. Removable and adjustable neck support and a body block on the bottom to absorb the impact when you put down the case. The body block has a cutout for the strap button preventing damage on the bottom of the gig bag.

Gator G-PG BASS Pro Go Series Gig BagFeatures In A Glance:

  • Ultra-Thick Padded Sidewalls
  • Micro-Fleece Interior
  • Protective Rain Cover
  • Multi adjustable, removable backpack straps
  • Body Block Internal Shock Absorber
  • Tablet pocket
  • Internal cable management
  • Sheet music pocket

Where to buy: Gator G-PG BASS Pro Go Series Bass Guitar Gig Bag $127.99 Amazon

Fusion Urban Series UG-02-BK BassFusion Urban Series UG-02-BK Bass Guitar Gig Bag

This bass guitar gig bag from Fusion has a modern design that features a lot of essential qualities for a premium gig bag. The outside of the bag is made up of jacquard hardwearing, non PVC backed water resistant polyester material for outside protection from elements. While the inside is made of quality velvet non-scratching on every instrument finish complimented by a 20mm lightweight high-density foam padding for protection on bumps and accidental falls.

It features an easy to grip side handle riveted for extra durability. A back and front handles for grabbing the gig bag mainly used for carrying the bag on narrow walkways. Top and bottom of the gig bag has rubberize panels for more protection.


What’s even greater for this bass guitar gig bag is the 4 large pocket in front which is unique for its design and very practical to to have on a gig bag. You won’t have any problems where to put your essential gears and personal stuff when traveling.

Fusion Urban Series UG-02-BK Bass Gig BagFeatures In A Glance:

  • Water resistance exterior
  • Fuse-on attachment system on headstock
  • 4 large front pockets
  • Reflective panels
  • Durable side handle and body strap
  • Rubberize top and bottom panel
  • 20mm interior padding with soft velvet inside lining

Where to buy: Fusion Urban Series UG-02-BK Bass Guitar Gig Bag $199.99 Amazon

MONO M80 Vertigo Bass CaseMONO M80 Vertigo Bass Case

MONO M80 Vertigo is a top loading bass guitar gig bag that you don’t have to lay down the case to access your bass guitar for tight spaces. Materials used for the outside of the gig bag is water resistant called sharks skin, and resistant to abrasion and other element. The side handle and body strap is riveted for extra durability.

It features a soft interior that prevents scratches on the instrument and a more modern way to protect the bass neck called the headlock which cradles the bass neck with two neck support interlock when the gig bag is closed.


bottom portion has a molded rubber outsole, and EVA insole boot design similar to the sole of a cross trainer shoe to absorb impact of a vertical drop when you put down the case. For a better and new level of protection for your instrument.

MONO M80 Vertigo Bass Gig BagFeatures In A Glance:

  • Water and abrasion resistant exterior
  • Headlock protection
  • Well padded design
  • Large front pocket with internal pocket
  • Soft interior fabric to prevent scratches
  • Riveted side handles and adjustable body strap
  • Boot design bottom

Where to buy: MONO M80 Vertigo Bass Case $234.99 Amazon

What To Look For On A Good Bass Guitar Gig Bag?

When choosing for a bass guitar gig bag, safety and protection of the instrument is the primary concern. As well as the pockets to place other gears and some personal things that are essential to brings along on a daily basis.

A good gig bag has to have sufficient padding to withstand bumps and accidental falls. While in the inside, it should be lined with soft fabric for not to scratch the instruments finish and have a neck support to protect the neck of the bass because this is where most breakage happens.

Comfort when carrying it around is also important because the bass is a heavy instrument that can strain the shoulders and back when walking and standing for quit sometime. It has to be balance and sturdy enough to stay straight when carried to be able to distribute the weight relieving some stress coming from the whole bag.

Related Topic:

Bass Guitar Gig bag vs Bass Guitar Case

The bass guitar case can give you full protection for your bass guitar for it’s outer hard shell and padded soft fabric line inside. But it is harder to carry around because it is bulky for it’s shape, has only one handle and difficult to walk through on tight spaces. While the bass guitar gig bag gives you enough safety and protection needed for your instrument, easier to go around and lightweight compare to a case.

Budget When Buying A Gig Bag

A good gig bag is a bit expensive than the regular one. Mainly because of the added protection, unique features and the materials used on making the gig bag. The extra money you spend will all go on the added protection for your bass guitar and features that will be useful to you when you travel.

If you don’t have the budget yet. It is better to wait and save money for a good gig bag than settle for a regular one. It is an investment worth spending for your instrument safety and yourself to use on your travels.