4 Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners (2018 Review)

Acoustic Guitars

If you’re looking for a good quality acoustic guitar to learn well with, or as gift to a special someone who shows interest on playing the guitar without having to spend too much money or to commit yourself on buying an expensive model. These affordable acoustic guitars for beginners are just the right one for you.

To begin with. There are a lot of shapes and sizes of an acoustic guitar, but the most popular of which and recommended to be use by beginners are the dreadnought and triple 000.

For kid’s 9 yrs old and below who wants to learn the guitar as their after school and weekend activity. A 3/4 size acoustic guitar is best suited mainly for it’s size and has a triple 000 shape body as well.

The body size and shape is a good place to start to know more about the guitars, because this determines the general feel of the guitar and the sound a guitar will produce. Will focus primarily on the two most popular shapes. The dreadnought and the triple 000.

Beginner Acoustic GuitarsDreadnought: For it’s pear shape outline, the dreadnought style acoustic guitar can give you a much louder and booming sound even it is not amplified. It focuses more on bass and treble that makes it perfect for a strumming style of play.

Triple 000: If you prefer a finger picking style of play. The Triple 000 provides a mid-range sound and mellow tone due to it’s smaller hour glass body shape. It can also be more comfortable to play because of it’s size compared to the dreadnought.

3/4 Size: Primarily best suited for kid’s ages 9 yrs old and below for it’s size and having the shape of a triple 000. The use of this guitar may still vary depending on the size of the kid that will use. There are a lot of kids bigger for their age, this might be too small for them and it is better to use a triple 000 instead.

Although the dreadnought is great for strumming while the triple 000 is more suited for finger picking. There’s no reason that you can’t play both style on either guitar.

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Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic Electric Guitar Player PackEpiphone PR-4E Acoustic Electric Guitar

Epiphone is a subsidiary of Gibson Inc. It competes with Squier by Fender and other brands on making entry level up to mid-range guitar models. The guitars made by Epiphone somewhat closely resembles the design and playabilty of the guitars made by Gibson.

The Epiphone PR-4E is a acoustic electric guitar. It is made up of spruce wood for it’s top, a mahogany side and back, having a triple 000 body style with a single cutaway for easier access on the high frets. And comes with a built-in PR-4E’s piezo pickup system.

Going to the neck of the guitar. It is made of mahogany with a 20 fret rosewood fret board garnished with inlay dots and satin finish. Over the top of the neck placed premium die-cast 14:1 ratio machine heads.

The whole package come with Epiphone PR-4E acoustic electric guitar, Epiphone 15 watt amp, tuner, gig bag, cable, guitar strap, picks and instructional DVD, pretty much all you need to start playing.

Even though the guitar may not be totally the same with it’s expensive counterpart. It is still a good sounding guitar, well crafted, materials used are of high quality and just the right guitar for a beginner to start playing on a reasonable price.

Where to buy: Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic Electric Guitar Player Pack $219.00 Amazon

Fender CD-60CE Acoustic Electric Guitar

If you want an acoustic electric guitar with name recognition, a brand that has a good reputation and a long history on making great guitars over the years. The Fender acoustic electric guitar is a great choice.

Fender dreadnought acoustic guitar model CD-60CE is made up of a spruce wood top, a mahogany back and side constructed to form a dreadnought body shape with a single cutaway for easier access on the higher frets.

It features a Fishman Isys III System with Active Onboard Preamp and Tuner that makes the guitar sound even more boomy and louder to go along with it’s Fender rich tone.

The tapered C shape neck and the head stock that holds the die cast tuners are made of high quality mahogany with a 20 frets rosewood finger board complimented with inlay dots and satin finish.

Besides the guitar you will get, it also includes a Fender hard case, extra Fender acoustic guitar strings, clip on tuner, cable, strap, picks, and instructional DVD.

Starting out on a guitar with this caliber makes learning more fun and exciting in every step of the way. A good quality sounding guitar that can last you for years to come, without having to spend too much money on a guitar.

Where to buy: Fender CD-60CE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Bundle $299.99 Amazon

Yamaha Acoustic Electric Guitars

Yamaha is well know for the chain of products and services they provide. A multinational company that makes musical instruments, electronic products, motorcycles and power sports equipment etc. just to name a few.

Three of the best products of Yamaha is from their instrument line. They make entry level to premium electric, acoustic and bass guitars that are high quality and famous around the world for both beginners and enthusiast alike.

When talking about acoustic electric guitars for beginners. The Yamaha FSX800C Small Body Acoustic Electric Guitar and Yamaha APXT2 3/4 Size Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar will never be left out of the discussion and always in the mix of the top guitars for beginners.

Yamaha FSX800C Small Body Acoustic-Electric GuitarThe Yamaha FSX800C is a small body guitar made up of spruce top and nato side and back. The guitar is a triple 000 style with a single cutaway for easy access of the higher frets. It is equip with System 68 Pickup to amplify the clear mid-range and mellow tone the Yamaha guitar produce when plug.

For the neck and headstock of the guitar. The wood used is solid nato with die cast tuners, 21 frets rosewood finger board then highlighted by inlay dots and satin finish.

Bundle includes a hard shell case, clip on tuner, cable, strap, picks, extra guitar strings and instructional DVD.

Size of the guitar is perfect for beginners who prefers a smaller size guitar, finger picking style, and a mid-range mellow tone to learn the guitar.

Where to buy: Yamaha FSX800C Small Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar Bundle $309.99 Amazon

Yamaha APXT2 34 Size Thinline Acoustic-Electric GuitarThe Yamaha APXT2 3/4 Size is made up of spruce top with a meranti side and back with a single cutaway for access on the higher frets. It uses System 68 Pickup to amplify the mellow mid-range sound the guitar produce when plug.

Wood used for the neck and headstock can either be nato or mahogany with die-cast tuners, 21 fret rosewood finger board highlighted with inlay dot and satin finish.

Bundle includes a gig bag, clip on tuner, cable, strap, picks, extra guitar strings and instructional DVD.

If you are a parent or grandparent who is looking for a gift to their kids. And also for those kids that show interest on playing a guitar. This is a guitar can be that gift.

Where to buy: Yamaha APXT2 3/4 Size Thinline Acoustic-Electric Guitar Bundle $199.99 Amazon

How To Choose An Acoustic Guitar

The best way to choose a guitar really is just to follow your heart. What appeals most to you and what your instinct tells you. All that is need is bit knowledge how the guitar will sound. What size and shape is appropriate and the budget. Then it all comes down on what you feel about the guitar, how it sounds and the look. All will be the deciding factor.

In case you like a guitar but your budget is not enough for now. It is better to wait and save for the guitar you really like. A big part of owning your first guitar is the experience and the good feeling that you made the right choice. That experience will carry thru the way you practice, progress and take care of your guitar.

Why An Acoustic Electric Guitar Instead Of Acoustic Guitar Only

They are much similar in sound when not plug in an amp. For beginners it is better to try the guitar when plug in an amp and when it is not.

The difference will be the experience of learning how to blend the tone using the pickups volume, bass, and treble. You can also try your guitar with a mic to find out the difference. Simply for you to have an option to try all of this things on just one guitar.