10 Best Electric Guitar Gig Bag (2018 Review)

Gig Bag

Safety is always the first concern when traveling with a guitar or with any kind instrument for that matter. Aside from the full protection of a hardhshell case, the gig bag is another instrument case that provides a substantial amount of protection for instruments.

There are a plenty of nice gig bags out in the market today. Each gig bag are having their own style, number of pockets, thickness of padding support, duly comfort when carrying and uses different types materials on making them. Which is good for knowing how much you want to spend on one and for the specific need of guitar players and the guitar.

This list is consist of gig bags that are well padded not like the generic gig bag with little to no padding at all. Some are very affordable and others are pricey basically for the materials they use and features they added on the gig bag.

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Electric Guitar Gig BagSt. Louis Music Inc. USB-25E Electric Guitar Gig Bag

The brand may not be notable, but the gig bag looks sturdy and well padded for a price way under a hundred dollar. It fits any standard electric guitars 40” inches in length, then protected by 25mm padding all over. Soft fabric layer on the inside prevents scratches and the neck support to keep the electric guitar steady and up right.

While on the outside, the nylon fabric cover repels water and the rubber bottom offers another protection when you put down the gig bag. For other things to bring during travels like guitar gears and some personal stuff, it has three big pockets and small compartments to accommodate. Completing the gig bag are padded adjustable shoulder straps and a carry on handle for comfort and ease in carrying.

Where to buy: St. Louis Music Inc. USB-25E Gig Bag $55.99 Amazon

Music Area Gig BagMusic Area Electric Guitar Gig Bags

This brand coming from China offers two well padded version of their gig bag. 20mm Padded Music Area RB20 and Music Area TANG30 with a 30mm padding, thickest portion at the base of the gig bag.

Music Area RB20 series adopts innovative 900D Polyester with snowflake textures, which is stylish and artistic. Moreover, RB-20 series are waterproof, dustproof and wearproof top of by the application of ecologically low emission dyeing process ensures excellent color fastness.

Music Area TANG30 on the other hand uses advanced polyester yarn woven linen jacquard, closely looks like silk, chiffon, through unique tailoring and sewing. At far, the look of the gig bag is like a fashionable coat and when touch it is light and soft.

In regards of pricing, the Music Area RB20 has a reasonable price on what it has to offer, but the Music Area TANG30 Gig Bag is a bit expensive when compared to other brands with established names on making guitar gig bags.

Where to buy: Music Area RB20 Electric Guitar Gig Bag 20mm $67.69 Amazon

Reunion Blues RBXE1 Gig BagReunion Blues RBXE1 Electric Guitar Gig Bag

This company has been making one of the world’s best gig bags for almost 40 years now, and has wowed many guitar players over the years for its affordable price point, comfort and portability during travels, that goes along well with the protection it provides for a gig bag weighing only 4 pounds.

For the exterior part, it is made up of rugged quilted chevron with water resistant qualities also including the zippers and for the interior, it has 1” inch thick padded blue luster linings with guards on the headstock and bridge area. Another good feature on the inside of the gig bag is the dense foam neck cradle and endpin rest that keeps the guitar safe and secure.

Padded backpack straps for comfort when you carry the bag at the back, subway grip for tight walkways, and Reunion Blues signature Zero G handle to carry the gig bag on the side. Adding to that, is a large but low profile pocket with a cable loop, and an organizer to bring along other things needed for travel.

Where to buy: Reunion Blues RBX Electric Guitar Bag $99.95 Amazon

Gator Cases Gig BagsGator Cases Electric Guitar Gig Bags

Gator case is one of the best, if not the best gig bag that you can ever find. All their gig bags are well padded and has the necessary features needed by guitar players who are always on the go. Their cases caters to all, ranging from the most affordable to reasonably priced.

The basic well padded case on the Gator line is the Gator GB-4G-ELECTRIC 4G Series Gig Bag. Overall, the gig bag is made with durable nylon with a large exterior pocket of the same material giving a lot of storage room for tools, other gears and valuables.

Padded adjustable straps and contour back padding are place for comfort when carrying the gig bag like a backpack. It also includes a side handle and a rear handle for walking on tight spaces. On the inside, it has Gflex 20mm padding on all sides for protection lined by a soft fabric with reinforced fabric on the headstock and bridge area.

The only thing that’s missing on this gig bag is the neck cradle to protect the neck from falls especially on a Les Paul or any guitar with the same tilted headstock and it could have added more stability by preventing the guitar from further movement inside the bag.

Next in line is their mid-range under hundred dollar Gator Cases Transit Series Gig Bag. Its has a weather resistant blended fabric for the exterior in charcoal black and a thick rubber tread part preventing wear and tear for bottom protection.

Large front zippered pocket with flap, that features a G-hook buckle and seatbelt loops for multiple connection points allowing you to fill the pocket to capacity and still secure it. For carrying the gig bag, it has padded removable backpack straps to go along with the side and rear handles useful when walking through small spaces. Several D-rings for clipping accessories are also available, and small pockets on the upper part and front flap for extra storage room.

The inside has 20mm thick foam padding covered with Red Plush Micro-Fleece Lining with a protective fabrics on the headstock and bridge area. Also in the inside are removable neck and bottom padding that protects the headstock, neck and base part of the guitar.

Then finally the Gator G-PG Electric Pro Go Series Gig Bag as their top of the line gig bag. Unlike the other two, for exterior it uses nylon shell with panel corners giving extra durability to hold up for years of use. It also features a rain cover situated on a pocket from the back to be use for heavy rain and all kinds of weather as well.

Accessory storage is multiple starting from the medium pocket on top going to the main front pocket that has multiple compartments and cable loops. In carrying the gig bag, the backpack style straps are well padded and adjustable to fit any body type. Side and front handles are also placed to have a grip in any angle.

For inside protection, the gig bag has 20mm padding line with Micro-Fleece that doesn’t scratch the guitar and protective fabrics on the headstock area and bridge. Adjustable headstock and neck foam support, together with the body block shock absorber pad for the base assuring the guitar is well cradled.

Where to buy: Gator Cases GT-ELECTRIC-BLK Transit Series Electric Guitar Gig $99.99 Amazon

SKB V-Type Gig BagSKB V-Type Guitar Gig Bag

For those who are looking for a well padded, not so expensive and comfortable gig bag that fits a Flying V guitar or with similar guitar styles, this might be the gig bag you’ve been looking for. The SKB V-Type Guitar Gig Bag offers the padded protection of the same rigid foam inserts found in a SKB hardshell case. Also the interior are molded, plush-lined offering a full cradle support for the body and neck like a hardshell case.

While for the exterior, it is made from a rugged, weather resistant 600 Denier ballistic nylon, the same material is also been use on making the two zippered pouches to store accessories. Adjustable padded backpack strap and a side handle for easy transport completing the the gig bag.

Where to buy: SKB V-Type Guitar Soft Case 119.99 Amazon

Diamond Tactical Gig BagDiamond Tactical TACC-1 Electric Guitar Gig Bag

The guitar and bass gig bag made by Diamond tactical applies the MOLLE System (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) derived from PALS System (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) a standard webbing ladder system providing a framework for affixing modular pouches like the one’s seen on the military.

These gig bags are road and field tested made from 1200 denier material, has rugged zippers, upgraded straps, reinforced stitching and high-density EPE padding. Extra protection pads, neck cradle, removable butt pad for added inside protection, and grab handles is also placed made from rugged materials.

The best part about having this system on a gig bag is, guitar player can personalize/customize the gig bag and change it from time to time easily depending on the specific needs of a certain day or travel. Diamond Tactical pouches and accessories sold separately.

Where to buy: Diamond Tactical TACC-1 Single Universal Electric Guitar Gig Bag $125.13 Amazon

Rockready Gig BagRockready Volo Electric Guitar Gig Bag

Rockready gig bags are gig bags made by a group of musicians who plays the guitar and bass based in New York and Los Angeles. The gig bag is made from durable water resistant cordura fabric with integrated ABS panels for extra durability, and they added reflective piping which is a cool feature on a gig bag and for safety.

Plush and thick padded interior as well as neck support and protective padding on the base keeps the guitar safe against drops and falls. Secret top pocket designed on top to hold your phone and keys, hide away padded and adjustable backpack straps, locking zippers, padded grab handle for lifting, and rear handle for lifting and hanging gig bag.

Beside the main pocket at front, there is an optional Tote bag designed also by Rockready, sold separately that easily attaches on the gig bag using straps on the tote bag and D-rings on the gig bag in case extra storage is needed and can work as the hand carry bag for travels.

Where to buy: Rockready Volo Guitar Gig Bag $140.96 Amazon

Fusion GigbagFusion Urban Series Electric Guitar Gig Bag

Fusion Urban Electric Guitar Series Gig Bag is specially designed for gigging musicians who demands excellent protection for their instrument and the need to carry additional gears for gigs.

It has lots of pockets all throughout the gig bag alone, and when the Fuse-On system is incorporated, whereby a separate range of accessory bags can fit quickly and easily onto the front of the guitar gig bag adding more storage space and it can also be use as separate backpack for travels.

Other feature on this gig bag are padded adjustable straps with reflective panels, as well as reflective prints on the front and at the back on the headstock area. The gig bag has riveted neoprene handle for easy grip when carrying the gig bag on the side, also front and back grab handles when walking on aisles. Rubberize panels are place on top and bottom area of the gig bag for added protection and all Fusion Urban gig bag comes with rain covers.

On the inside it is well padded and supported through internal suspension layout, an in-core that runs around the body of the guitar in conjunction with the headstock block with strap giving added protection and stability to delicate parts of the guitar. The Les Paul for instance or similar guitars with tilted headstock can take advantage of this design.

Where to buy: Fusion Urban Series UG-01-BK Electric Guitar Gig Bag $199.95 Amazon

GigBalde Gig BagGigBlade 2 Hybrid Electric Guitar Gig Bag

Gigblade is basically made for carrying a gig bag on a side-carry approach to avoid the gig bag bouncing on your legs by staying clear out of the way while you walk. The top portion of the case is also kept low to avoid ducking under doorways and the design has a low center of gravity, so it feels more stable, natural and comfortable.

As a new comer, the first GigBlade received mix reviews across that made them to improve on their first design. Addressing on what it is lacking, and then was all applied on the version 2 model which now features an anti-slip shoulder strap, expandable main pocket to carry 3x more stuff, improved the comfort on the backpack option, and a weather cover is now included.

The inside is made from soft fabric with durable cover on the headstock and bridge area, so not to damage that part of the case. Adjustable neck cradle and bottom padding are also placed to best fit the guitars.

Where to buy: GruvGear Gigblade 2 Side Carry Electric Guitar Gig 199.99 $Amazon

Mono Electric Guitar Gig BagMONO M80 Vertigo Electric Guitar Gig Bag

Vertigo offers not only superior guitar protection, but a technological advancement in luggage design. Its Top-Loading design allows easy access on removing the guitar from the case and putting it back again is also a breeze, all done by sliding it in on a standing position.

The gig bag applies military specs, using materials with extreme resistance to abrasion and the elements. Sharkskin shell keeps the whole case water-resistant which is a must feature now when looking for a gig bag. Another feature unique only to this gig bag is the Boot on the bottom that uses sneaker technology to protect the guitar against vertical drop.

In the inside, the plush lining protects delicate custom finishes on a guitar and has a protective fabric on the bridge and headstock area to avoid damaging that part of the case. For the guitar neck protection, a fully redesigned Headlock neck suspension system that automatically clamps down over the neck, holding it firmly in place protecting the neck against backward drops and side to side impact.

Most MONO cases comes equipped with the triple D-ring attachments required for the optional Guitar Tick Case designed to extend the storage capacity of your guitar in case the pockets on the gig bag is not enough. Soft padded steel riveted backpack straps and rear handles, riveted side handles comes standard on this gig bags.

Where to buy: MONO M80 Vertigo Electric Guitar Case $249.99 Amazon