5 Best Guitar Amplifiers For Beginners (2018 Review)

Best Guitar Amplifiers For Beginners

Are you still stranded on what guitar amplifier is best to pair with the guitar you’ve chosen to already start a tone chasing lifestyle? Well If that’s the case. We have here a few recommendations of what we believe are the best guitar amplifiers for beginners.

Aside from what brands to choose from and finding out the right budget to spend on an amp. Initial search for a guitar amplifier generally leads beginner players on figuring out that there are actually different types of guitar amps in the market. This is where they start to care deeply enough to know which amp sounds better and what will fit their playing the best.

For that matter to be solve quickly as possible and if you’ll take our word for it. Any amp will sound good whether it is tube driven, solid state or modelling amp because it really depends on personal preference and bias of a player. That is why it is really hard to tell which one is above from the rest and try to suggest that a particular amplifier is better than the others.

Having an own thing is what really is important here, and besides if you really sound good. The gears you will be playing on will be equally as great. So to create no more further delays and having to take more of your time, here are the guitar amplifiers we are talking about.

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Orange Crush 20RTOrange Crush 20RT

Straight away meeting the essential criteria and tonal platform for a good small solid state combo amp for practicing at low volumes with a pocket friendly price tag is Orange Crush 20RT. This dual channel 20 watt guitar amplifier that also comes in a 35 watt version is the upgraded model of the well received Orange Crush 20 for having a built-in spring reverb effect and a chromatic tuner which are the kind of features great for daily use.

This fully analog simple plug and play guitar amplifier is enjoyable to play with. It has a switchable clean and dirty channel with separate volume knobs that shares a 3-band EQ treble-mid-bass and gain control to add more grit so players can arrive on a crunch and lead sounds. Other useful attributes on the amp are set of input jacks for a headphone and audio source to play along with a backing track.

Where to buy: Orange Crush 20RT Guitar Amplifier $189.00 Amazon

BOSS Katana-50BOSS Katana-50

High expectations to accomplish many things on an amplifier at this size was once impossible, but now not anymore. This change begun when BOSS a company of Roland who made the popular cube amplifier introduced the Katana line of modelling amplifiers that are loaded features and power even on the smaller models.

Flexibility of the BOSS Katana-50 goes way beyond expectations for establishing a different path referencing to its predecessor the Roland type of practice amps. With 50 watts of power and a custom 12-inch speaker, the Katana-50 can deliver a commanding range of sound playing it clean, crunch, lead, and brown for electric and acoustic electric guitars. Moving on to other controls on the panel, it features customizable effects by using BOSS Tone Studio editor software and for adjusting sounds quickly, it has a dedicated gain, EQ, and effects controls. Tone setting memory is also included for storing and recalling all amp and effect settings.

Where to buy: Boss Katana-50 Guitar Amplifier $219.99 Amazon

Marshall MG30CFXMarshall MG30CFX

If you’re looking for a solid start on how you will sound without settling for a tube amplifier due to its price, maintenance and back breaking weight to carry around. The Marshall MG30CFX combo amp is surely one of the best out there on capturing iconic sounds, as well as the legendary Marshall tones that other brand of amplifiers frequently emulates, adding it to their bank of amp models.

The MG30CFX is part of the MG Carbon Fibre family. It is a small size 30 watts amplifier with a solid state circuitry consisting of 4 channels namely clean, crunch, OD1 and OD2. Any of these channels can be operated manually or by using the amplifier’s preset mode to save settings that has been dialed-in to be recalled later on for future use. Also built-in onto the amp are digital effects like a chorus, delay with tap tempo, phase, flange and a dedicated reverb (spring/studio) to add more color and ambient to the sound. For output jacks, it has for a headphone for silent practices and for an audio player to play with a backing track.

Where to buy: Marshall MG30CFXGuitar Amplifier $199.99 Amazon


For those players who prefer the good old valve amplification with an added solid state circuitry to make it feel and sound even more right. The VOX AC15VR hybrid could be the desired guitar amplifier for the job. This 15 watts amp with 1×12” inch celestion speaker from Vox has a valve reactor power section to deliver a genuine tube amplified sound. While the solid state circuitry adds more flexibility that players can take advantage of to capture a wide array of iconic sounds other than the famous Vox brown sound.

The panel on top for the controls has an old school look, separating the natural volume channel from the two overdrives that has a gain and separate volume as well. Channel 1 will give that smooth clean tone to a warm creamy crunch as the volume is raised and channel 2 is the overdrive section for dirty tones from bluesy to really heavy high gain tones. Both channels shares the master volume, reverb and the EQ treble-bass. Jacks found on the back of the amp are for the VSF foot switch of the reverb, and an external speaker out to hook up 8 to 16 ohms speaker cabinet.

Where to buy: VOX AC15VR Guitar Amplifier $379.99 Amazon

Fender Super Champ X2Fender Super Champ X2

Central to Fender success aside from the glorious guitars that carried the brand all this years are the amps they make which are pioneering themselves in giving guitar players unique set of tones and unmatched overall sound quality. This is what we can say are the indicative sign and facts on why players should get their hands on a Fender Super Champ X2 for a beginner amp.

Fender Super Champ X2 is a hybrid. Combining the organic sought after qualities of a valve driven amp and the dynamic technology of a modelling amp. This 15 watts combo amp with 1×10” inch speaker has two channels. Channel 1 is pure volume for the clean that starts to bite in every turn of the volume knob and modelling section that has a separate volume, gain and voicing control with 16 presets that includes the blackface, silverface, tweed, British combos and many more. The final section on the panel is shared by both channels, the EQ bass and treble, FX adjust, and FX select consisting of a delay, reverb, chorus, tremolo and vibratone.

Where to buy: Fender Super Champ X2 Guitar Amplifier $379.99 Amazon