8 Best Guitar Amplifiers Under $100 (2018 Review)

Best Guitar Amplifiers Under $100

Nothing super sparkly about their features and physical size, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that guitar players who likes to use them for practice and recordings have far less of a good time. So aside from the usual notion of being beginner guitar amplifiers on a budget, and emphasizing on their lack of power. We will highlight a few uses and examples on how players can get out more from playing with this guitar amplifiers.

For starters, smaller amplifiers are very useful for doodling around. If you’re one of those players who are in need of some kind of separation from large amplifiers for awhile because you’re experiencing a little bit of noise fatigue from always playing loud and hard. These amplifiers offers a great solution in minimizing the sound, yet letting you to continue playing and finish the work that needs to be done.

Another benefit to mention with these amps is that, they also present a different kind of perspective and feel on how a guitar player can sound. This is especially when working on how to play a lot smoother by just doing a run down on the basics of using the EQ, gain, volume control and some kind of reverb or delay to add in dialing tones.

Then finally they are very inexpensive gear to pass on. The uses you’ll be getting out of these amps definitely surpasses the money you paid for. They are practical for everyday use that a beginner can grow into, and a reason for seasoned guitar players to mellow down and just enjoy how the way they sound.

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Blackstar FLY 3Blackstar FLY 3

Legitimate piece of guitar gear, not a toy that can run on DC power supply or with batteries. The Blackstar FLY 3 version for guitar is a 3 watts amp with 3” inch speaker recommended to those players needing an amp on the go or to use backstage as a warm up amp in gigs.

Controls to function is basic like any other similar amp or bigger than this amp, consisting only of 2 channels clean and an overdrive tweaked using the volume, gain and EQ called the ISF. Special feature on this amp is a delay effect that can also sound like a reverb, MP3 line-in for audio and headphone out which work as its speaker out as well.

Where to buy: Blackstar FLY3 Guitar Amplifier $59.99 AmazonMarshall MG10CF MG SeriesMarshall MG10CF MG Series

Smallest on the carbon fibre series to produce the iconic Marshall tones on a solid state combo amp is Marshall MG10CF. It is a good 10 watt practice amp consisting of two channels for clean, and with a press of a button the amp changes from clean into its overdrives.

Each channel has their own separate volume, then shares a gain and contour controls that act as the EQ for both channels. Other features that comes with the amp are input jacks for a headphone and aux-in to use an audio player to play along with a backing track.

Where to buy: Marshall MG10CF Guitar Amplifier $79.99 Amazon

VOX V9106 Pathfinder 10 AmplifierVOX V9106 Pathfinder

For a very simple solid state two channel combo. Vox offers its budget crowd the old school looking VOX V9106 Pathfinder. It is a 10 watt guitar amplifier with a single 6.5” inch speaker housed on the classic vinyl open back cabinet complete with the brown diamond grill cloth.

Like any other Vox amps, the control panel is placed on top of the amp that features a power switch, input for the guitar, gain, treble, bass, and volume controls with the traditional chicken head knobs. Quick transfer from clean to the overdrive channel is by a push of a button and for quite practices an input jack for the headphone that works as well as line out for recording mutes the speaker when a jack is inserted.

Where to buy: VOX V9106 Pathfinder Guitar Amplifier $79.99 Amazon

Laney LG12 LG SeriesLaney LG12

Laney LG12 is part of the line up of amps in the LG models that can provide beginners and veteran players alike a number of guitar tones in a very compact package. It is loaded with a custom designed 6.5″ inch speaker placed inside a sturdy open back cabinet and finished in a black basket weave Tolex with solid black plastic corners.

This potable 12 watt combo amplifier features a clean and crunch channel with 3 band EQ bass-mid-treble and a headphone jack ideal for the bedroom practices in low volume, rehearsals, and also for recordings.

Where to buy: Laney LG12 Guitar Amplifier $97.09 Amazon

Orange Crush Pix CR12LOrange Crush Pix CR12L

Underneath its legendary basket weave speaker grille and signature picture frame cabinet is a 6” inch speaker with a sunny orange 12 watt power. Making the Orange Crush 12 a perfectly made plug and play single channel amplifier for guitarist in any levels.

The control panel on this amp is straightly basic and easy usable to dial-in tones. Using only its 3-Band EQ bass- mid-treble followed by the overdrive knob that gives total control over the dirty channel, and master volume for the overall sound output. Headphone out is also available.

Where to buy: Orange Crush Pix CR12L Guitar Amplifier $99.00 Amazon

Fender Champion 20Fender Champion 20

The Fender Champion 20 is a single channel 20 watt modelling amplifier with 8” inch speakers that has around 12 amp models on its bank. Everything from Fender blackface, tweed, all the way up to a British type of crunch and metal.

It has number of on-board effects namely a reverb, delay/echo with tap tempo, chorus, tremolo, flanger and vibratone. Other controls on the face panel to blend tones are the 2-band EQ bass-treble, gain control, master volume and FX level to change the texture of the effects. Also included are headphone and aux-in input jacks.

Where to buy: Fender Champion 20 Guitar Amplifier $99.99 Amazon

Boss Katana MiniBoss Katana Mini

This 7 watt amp with 4” inch speaker from Boss probably is the best battery and power supply powered portable mini amp on sale in the market as of today. It is a 3 channel amp that can produce clean, crunch and brown sound on a very small package to use for practice or to get mic’d up.

Control to blend and shape are 3 channel sellector switch for clean-crunch-brown, gain, volume, EQ bass-mid-treble, delay effect with time and level. Aux input for jamming with music and headphone/recording output with cabinet voicing.

Where to buy: Boss Katana Mini Guitar Amplifier $99.99 Amazon

Hotone Nano Legacy Mojo DiamondHotone Nano Legacy Mojo Diamond

Small and portable with many features to love, which are found on bigger head amplifiers, is what the Hotone Nano Legacy Mojo Diamond and the other models that are voice differently is offering without even digging deep on the pocket.

This particular model, the Mojo Diamond 5 watts mini head is designed to generate tweed like tones. Ranging from warm clean to top notch overdriven crunch using its gain, EQ bass-mid-treble and volume controls. Input/output sockets are place on the back of the head consisting of a headphone, aux-in and FX loop. Speaker out is 4 ohm minimum to 16 ohm and to use only with proper speaker cables.

Where to buy: Hotone Nano Legacy Mojo Diamond Guitar Head Amplifier $99.99 Amazon