7 Best Guitar and Instrument Cables (2018 Review)

Best Guitar Cables Review

Another way to greatly improve your sound and the tone quality of the instrument you play like for example an electric guitar or bass is by using proper guitar cables. This reason of having a good cable to connect your instrument to the amplifier is non-debatable, but their prices are. So does expensive cables makes the sound even better?

To answer that question fairly, it still depends mainly on the type of player going to use. If you’ve been playing for quite a long time now, making you intricate to the sound you hear, and a player who is gigging a lot earning money, yes high-end instrument cable signal quality and other features surely does matter on achieving optimum sound. However, for an average player or a beginner, there are branded budget guitar cables with decent quality that are sufficient enough to use and they can also benefit a lot from it.

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Fender Performance Series Instrument CableFender Performance Series Instrument Cable

Topping our list of guitar cables on a cheap price is the one coming from Fender. This ¼” inch cable is flexible to avoid kinking with 90% copper coverage shield for less interference then rap by an extra thick 8mm diameter black PVC jacket to handle noise.

It is available in 6” patch cable for setting-up effects pedals on the pedalboard. In 5ft to 10ft practice cable and 15ft to 25ft stage cable with ends made of rugged metal connectors. For practice or as back-up for you main cable, this offered by Fender is very reliable to get the job done and a best buy.

Where to buy: Fender Performance Series Instrument Cables 10ft $11.66 Amazon

GLS Audio Guitar Instrument CableGLS Audio Guitar Instrument Cable

Here is another ¼” to ¼” in straight or right angle tips for guitars and basses on a reasonable price for all players to use. This super durable and flexible cord has a tweed cloth cover. It is made out of oxygen free copper with with double insulator shield and PVC conductive shield for maximum signal connectivity free of interference.

The GLS Audio Guitar Instrument Cable is available in yellow and black on a range of length starting from 6ft up to 20ft depending on your needs. Also not to forget to mention that this cord also has a low picofarad rating per foot for better transmission of sound.

Where to buy: GLS Audio 10ft Guitar Instrument Cable $12.99 Amazon

Spectraflex Fatso Flex Instrument CableSpectraflex Fatso Flex Instrument Cable

The Fatso-Flex is a larger diameter version of the Original Series Spectraflex Instrument Cable. It has the multi-layer braid outer cover for flexibility and to enhance noise reduction. Unlike other guitar cable wires, Spectraflex comes in a variety of colors to match your style and taste.

On the inside are 20 AWG Ultra-Pure copper center conductor, 95% overall copper shield and coverage inner conductive PVC shield. The dual straight and straight right-angled 1/4″ connector tip are nickel plated resistant to corrosion. This is not the average practice cable and the price is at the high-end because of the quality you’ll get on a roadworthy cable.

Where to buy: Spectraflex Fatso Flex 10ft Instrument Cable $41.77 Amazon

Mogami Gold Guitar Instrument CableMogami Gold Guitar Instrument Cable

Mogami gold instrument cables is back with a lifetime warranty and the reason why many musicians all over trust the product to use on their electric guitars, basses, keyboards and pedals.

This cable wire is assemble using oxygen-free copper core, ultra high density spiral shield, conductive polymer sub-shield for a crystal clear tone and covered by carbon impregnated PVC anti-static shield layer that eliminates handling noise. Mogami Gold Guitar Instrument Cable series is available in 1, 2, 3, 6, 18, and 25 foot lengths on respective price.

Where to buy: Mogami Gold 10ft Guitar Instrument Cable $49.90 Amazon

Monster Cable Classic Instrument CableMonster Cable Classic Instrument Cable

Monster set the standard on professional cables offering a lifetime cable warranty and a 100% replacement guarantee with a slogan, so you’ll be a Monster for Life.Both the ¼” inch straight/straight and straight/angled are light weight and flexible for easy handling on stage setting and packing up again.

It features an all metal connectors, and 90% spiral rap copper shielding on a durable outer jacket that resist slicing as well to enhance the player style and their equipment. For connectivity and continues flow of signal from the instrument to your amp on a 12ft cable, this cable from Monster is highly recommended.

Where to buy: Monster Cable Classic 1/4 Inch Instrument Cable 12 ft $49.42 Amazon

Analysis Plus Black Oval Instrument CableAnalysis Plus Black Oval Instrument Cable

Analysis Plus award winning cables are custom made in the USA. It has a ¼” inch straight to straight or angle connectors with a 20 gauge conductors on a hollow oval return and a conductive sheath to eliminate microphonics to rest assure that there will be no unwanted noise and interference on your signal.

The cable starts in a 10ft version going up to 30ft in length to cover the whole stage when performing. It is highly durable to use countless times and wont easily breaks giving you a great value for you money.

Where to buy: Analysis Plus Black Oval 10ft Instrument Cable $59.00 Amazon

Analysis Plus Yellow Oval Instrument CableAnalysis Plus Yellow Oval Instrument Cable

The Yellow Oval is the flagship instrument cable for Analysis Plus. This cable is already being use by various artist the likes of John Mayer, Richard Brad Rice of Keith Urban’s Band, Peter Holstrom, Jaime David Vazquez and many other great players.

The conductors are low loss 18 gauge oxygen free copper woven in a patented oval design making it more balance, silent and are excellent in transmitting crystal clear signals to hear more of the instrument. Its outer cover is very high quality for a cable with a solid feel for durability giving it a grade as the ultimate guitar cable out in the market today.

Where to buy: Analysis Plus Yellow Oval 10ft Instrument Cable $102.19 Amazon