8 Best Guitar Pedalboards (2018 Review)


As you go along your journey of being a guitarist, an electric guitar player to be exact or at the most, you will eventually acquire a number of different guitar effects pedals that changes your sound and spices the way you play. These effects pedals ranges in sizes from the smallest, regular size pedals up to the larger one’s and also can come in different shapes.

Playing with two to three stompboxes without a pedalboard is no problem, but when you start having five to seven or more on your collection, it would be a lot harder carrying them for gigs or even just playing around the house for practice, setting them up with cables and dismantling time and time again after use can be a bit of a hassle.

Aside from the number of effects pedals that determines the size of the pedalboard. Choosing a pedalboard is also about the type of design to use and how to attach the effects pedals into the board. The reason why this is brought up is because in case you move and change pedals quite often, which one will be a lot easier for you and prefer?

The traditional frame type pedalboard uses velcro strap as attachment, while the perforated pedalboard uses ziplock ties to hold the pedals into place. Beyond that there are also other design of pedalboard that uses a different type of mounting system such as preformed padding, fasteners and pedal plates.

Of course there are advantages and disadvantages which is typical on every product. What’s important here is what works best for you. So take the time to think about how you would want it.

Keeping your effects pedals arrange, ready to use at all times using a pedalboard is very convenient and a wise investment. Together with a good quality carry-on bag or case, you can rest assured the time and money you put on the effects pedals is safe and secure. Avoiding lost because all the pedals are in one place that can be easily returned back on its bag or case for safe keeping as it came out from practice, gigs and travel.

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Donner PedalboardDonner DB-3 Guitar Pedalboard

This pedalboard from Donnerdeal is the largest of its series. It has the typical design of a pedalboard made of lightweight aluminum then coated with matte finish. Depending on the stompbox sizes, more or less the pedalboard can carry a maximum of 8 pedals with the power supply to be mounted underneath the board.

In case the size of this pedalboard is too big for your project, there is also the Donner DB-2 pedalboard which is the much smaller version as an alternative. It has a different design in regards to the placement of power supply, where you cannot put it directly under the pedalboard for having a flat design parallel to the floor. Every Donner Guitar Pedalboard includes a nylon canvas carry-on bag with an adjustable shoulder strap and a role of velcro.

If you want a traditional type pedalboard that cost less, this pedalboard from Donner is well-made from aluminum with a cheap price, and the bag that comes with the pedalboard is pretty decent to last for quiet awhile.

Where to buy: Donner Guitar Pedal Board Case DB-3 Aluminium Pedalboard with Bag $73.00 Amazon

SKB PedalboardSKB 8-Port Powered Pedalboard

The 1SKB-PS-8 Powered Pedalboard is injection-molded from eco-friendly rubber modified styrene which provides for a very durable and rigid, yet lightweight platform for guitar effect pedals. It features 8 built-in 9V DC output jacks and an external transformer rated at 500mA of total current for power source.

All the cables to use for powering most effects pedals are already included, so there is no need to spend extra on cables. The pedalboard surface allows secure pedal positioning of up to 8 standard size pedals using velcro which also comes upon purchase. Ballistic nylon carry-on bag that has a medium size pocket on the outside with adjustable shoulder strap for transport and placing other stuff as an addition.

For the cheap price and able to power 8 pedals, its easy to say there’s nothing wrong on buying this powered pedalboard. The bag however is questionable on how it is made. It doesn’t look sturdy enough to last long coming from SKB that makes quality hardshell cases and bags. It would have been a lot better if they made the bag a bit more rugged.

Where to buy: SKB 8-port Powered Pedalboard – 9VDC power, Includes Gigbag $74.99 Amazon

T-Rex Tonetrunk PedalboardT-Rex Engineering TONETRUNK-45 Pedalboard

The pedalboard has a low profile design with a multi-tiered concept that offers easy stomping access to entire board with ideal spacing for pedals and cable management.

ToneTrunk pedalboards comes in various sizes made of lightweight aluminum that features pre-drilled for brackets, routing holes for patch cables and power cables, keeping the surface of your board neat and tidy. Sturdy rubber feet are also place to prevent sliding during use.

Each Pedalboard includes hook-and-loop fastener for mounting your pedals and T-Rex ToneTrunk Soft Cases with detachable shoulder strap and two accessory pockets for cables, strings, accessories, sheet music, etc for easy transport, whether you’re traveling by bus, train, car, or foot.

Add-on brackets T-Rex Engineering PSU-BRACKET Power Supply are available sold separately that allows you to securely mount a power supply and at the underside of the board, the T-Rex Engineering WAH-BRACKET Wah/Volume Pedal creates a level surface for placing a wah/volume pedal in any position on the board. The brackets can be installed using pre-drilled holes.

Here is again a situation of a nice size and well constructed pedalboard on a reasonable price, but having a bag inappropriate matching the pedalboards quality.

Where to buy: T-Rex Engineering TONETRUNK-45 Pedal Board with 31.6 x 45cm Gigbag $93.00 Amazon


Gator Cases PedalboardGator Cases GPB-BAK-1 Pedalboard

Gator case offers their version of pedalboards with a different take on the look and design of an angled stable platform for having a more metal surface area made of aluminum while having the cutouts for cable to pass through when routing and to accommodate all sizes of effects pedals, even the smallest of pedals to be placed properly on the pedalboard.

The pedalboard comes in different colors and size to choose from which includes a universal mounting bracket found beneath each pedalboard that fits not only the Gator G-Bus Power Supply, but also most power supply for pedals like the Voodoo Lab and Trutone 1 Spot etc.

In addition when it comes to transporting your pedalboard and attaching the pedals, every Gator Cases GPB Series Pedalboard got it also all covered, because it already includes a heavy duty nylon gig bag with strap and side handles, also velcro strap.

The Gator Cases GPB-BAK-1 Large and Gator Cases GPB-XBAK-1 Exra Large Pedalboard can load 10 to 14 pedals including a wah pedal and the smaller model the Gator Cases GPB-LAK-1 can roughly load 4 to 5 pedals depending on the size. If your looking for a new pedalboard that still uses velcro, this pedalboard works well and can hide the cables much better.

Where to buy: Gator Cases GPB-BAK-1 Aluminum Pedal Board with Carry Bag, Large, Stealth Black $149.99 Amazon

Pedaltrain PedalboardPedaltrain Classic 2 Pedalboard

The Classic 2 is based on the Original PT-2 design that features Pedaltrain’s original four-rail design made of aircraft grade aluminum with the traditional rail spacing. The first thing you will notice in unboxing the pedalboard its is really well built, steadfast and huge as not expected.

To make the Classic 2 different to its predecessor, it has been updated with an open front design making power supply mounting more flexible and convenient. Also the elevation has been raised by approximately 1” inch to accommodate a wider variety of power supplies and switching systems.

It comes with roles of velcro, all 96” inches of professional grade hook-and-loop pedal fastener and plenty of zip ties for securing cables. The Classic 2 is available with Pedaltrain’s fitted soft case that has a shoulder strap, a heavy-duty metal zipper and reinforced stress points which is great. However, the front pocket on the bag before is now missing, a bit of the downside on what will get on the bag. Pedaltrain’s one-size-fits-all power supply mounting brackets are also not included like it use too and are available for purchase as needed, another bummer.

Where to buy: PT-CL2-SC Pedaltrain Classic 2 w/soft case $149.99 Amazon

Boss PedalboardBoss BCB-60 Pedalboard

This pedalboard has already been use by many guitar players and arguably can be considered as the defacto standard on making powered pedalboards. The pedalboard is lightweight made of tough, molded resin, designed for the exterior to withstand heavy impact.

In the inside, the customizable interior padding comes with three foam inserts pre-cut to hold your favorite BOSS pedals, plus a spare insert that can be cut to fit almost any effect-even from other manufacturers like compact pedals, Twin pedals and even a wah pedal.

The pedalboard has a lid cover with egg create foam for protection so that the pedalboard can also work as its case for transporting a range of compact pedals. Its on-board AC adaptor is giving up to 1,000mA of power, or the equivalent of five PSA-Series adaptors to run seven effects pedals right from the pedal board.

This type of pedalboard is great for users that don’t wanna bother themselves on finding out what type of power supply to buy and use, how to properly cut the length on making cables. Basically who’s preference and idea of a pedalboard is just to have a simple layout, but a functional one.

Where to buy: Boss BCB-60 Deluxe Pedal Board and Case $169.99 Amazon

Holeyboard PedalboardHoleyboard Evo Standard Pedalboard

The Standard Evo is simply a great size pedalboard with a non-conventional, yet ergonomically designed pedalboard to easy arrange and re-arrange around 6 or 9 pedals. Its Top Deck can be positioned to the left or the right for wah or volume pedal on the side you prefer, if your a lefty or orthodox.

Most power supply placement are designed to go directly underneath by raising the pedalboard to create space and to save space on top, but the Holeyboard somehow manage to go around that concept and no matter what size of power supply to mount, it easily go underneath the Top Deck, but at the same time on top of the first level, with no additional parts to buy for mounting.

The pedalboard is made of all light aluminum parts where it gets its structural strength, rigidity, and durability as well as the finishing characteristics. Standard Evo fits more pedals due to its new geometry with 10% more surface area than the M3 Series and an optimized hole pattern for easier mounting and positioning of your pedals and power supplies using ziplocks ties that comes with the board, 3 Integrated handles for easy load-in and load-out are placed to have a grip at all angles.

The only thing missing is a bag to go along with the pedalboard. Spending a few more bucks on a good bag or case for this pedalboard is reasonable and a good investment because it is a high quality board.

Where to buy: Holeyboard Evo Standard Guitar Effects Pedalboard (Back in Black) $169.00 Amazon

Temple Audio PedalboardTemple Audio TRIO 28 Pedalboard

Like said earlier there are pedalboards that uses a totally different system of mounting the pedals on the board, this pedalboard form Temple Audio is just one of them. For this particular pedalboard the Trio 28, it is made from lightweight aluminum that can come with or without a gig bag and one mounting bracket to be installed underneath the board that helps eliminate some of the flex and also allows placement of a power supply. The Quick Release Pedal Plate are sold separately with the pedalboard and has different sizes to choose from, small, medium, and large.

On this particular model again, both sides of the board features modular end panels, having 1 micro module slot for the IEC Micro Power Module to run power on the side of the board going to the power supply that also filters the noise on power signal and adds an on/off functionality. The three 3 mini module slots also found on the pedalboard allows for installing 4-Way Jack Patch Modules, Mini Module Punches Plate for the USB Power Module, XLR Male & Female Module and many more.

Before buying this pedalboard, be sure that you check out first videos on how to use the pedal mount system properly and how to install the modules as well. This system is advance especially for beginners, but really good to eliminate the use of velcro and cable ties for a change and neatly placed pedals.

Where to buy: Temple Audio TRIO 28 Gunmetal Pedalboard $129.00 Amazon