Learn Guitar Chord Progression Using Number System

Chord Progression

Most of us probably simply learn to play the guitar by our own. We pick up a guitar and start learning chords to cover some songs. Memorizing chords on the guitar usually begin this way, but what if you train yourself on remembering those chords by scale. Meaning, translating every note on that scale into chords. And to actually do this, will be using the number system or some guitar players call it, as the Nashville Number System.

The number system is a fast and easy way to translate the single notes on a scale into chords. This is done by identifying the notes by numbers on which are going to be the Major and minor chords. For example, will be using the C Major Scale C D E F G A B C.

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C Major Number SystemAs you can see, the Major chords are represented by the numbers 1-4-5 on the scale and for the minor chords are the 2-3-6. Also on every scale you will find a Diminished chord on the 7th degree. Yet even though the diminished chord is there, it is not oftenly use especially on chord progressions of modern music. If you play in the key of C Major, all those notes now made into chords will fit well to create a melody easily identified by using the number system.

Another fact when learning about chords is that all Major chords has its relative minor chord and for the C Major it is the Am. The relationship between them is in every note on their scale, which are basically the same only arrange in different order. So to say whenever you are playing on a C Major chord progression, you are also hitting the chords on Am and vise versa.

Relative Major and minorTo find out the relative minor of any Major chord using the number system is to count up to the 6th degree on its scale. And to look for the relative Major chord of a minor chord, is to count up to the 3rd degree of its scale. That’s all really to it on knowing relative chords.

C and Am ChordsThe defining twist on character of the Major and minor scales when their notes are made into chords is in its order of progression that mainly changes the outcome and flavor of the sound. The more Major chords use on a song, it tends to be lively and happy, while on the other hand when full of minor chords it is likely to sounds sad and with drama.

Nashville Number SystemThe practicality of usage of the number system is applicable to all players and in any genre of music. What we have presented are just the basics that hopefully will help budding guitarist to practice on their chord progression to develop an ear to find chords and as well to encourage them to study more on guitar theory.