10 Best Bass Guitars Under $200 (2018 Review)

Bass Guitars

The bass guitar is a great instrument to play and master. It presents a different experience, feel and style of play. It can be a focal point of a band like a Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorious, Flea, Sting and Bryan Adams just to name a few or to provide support for other instruments by finding its way on instilling flashes of great bassline in a song and for the band.

Versatility and playability of the bass guitar exemplify itself on the number of strings it can be played on, Yes in it’s string. In fact, it is the best characteristic of the bass guitar. You can play the bass in four, five and six strings like no other string instruments can do. Even to the extent you take one string out, but still you can play the bass.

When it comes to durability and longevity, together with its cousin the electric guitar, it is the best electronic product you can find. It is well built, can last you for years or even a lifetime that the instrument can be pass on from generation to generation. To go along with that, it also has a staying resale value, easy to sell, and a highly collectible instrument among musicians.

Finding a good bass guitar today to begin with doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot of money. Most major brands like Fender, Yamaha, and Ibanez, etc. offers good quality bass guitars for just a low cost. These bass guitars are decent sounding to be modest, share many similarities in aesthetic and comfort when played comparing them to their more expensive counterpart in their bass guitar model line.

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Squier Affinity Series Jazz Bass GuitarSquire Affinity Series Jazz Bass 

Read Full Review Squier has come a long way since the acquisition of Fender on the 1960’s to manufacture strings for the Fender brand. The by 1982 it launch its own line of guitars and basses carrying the name Squier by Fender. From a fledgling company, Squier became a giant on selling entry level to mid range bass and electric guitars for Fender. It’s most popular models for the Squier bass are the Affinity Series, Classic Vibe and Vintage Modified Models. The Squier bass guitars are highly profiled for its high quality, playability and for simply being a great sounding bass. The design, feel and look from the body to the neck mimics that of Fender bass guitars, making it safe to say that this is the closest anyone can get to a Fender bass for a way more lesser price.

Where to buy: Squier by Fender Affinity Jazz Beginner Electric Bass Guitar Brown Sunburst $199.99 Amazon

Squier Affinity Bass GuitarSquier Affinity Precision Bass P/J

Read Full Review This bass guitar has always been a regular topic, a recommended bass to have that you can find countless times suggested in Facebook bass groups, bass forums and has received numerous great reviews across the net. The iconic body and neck design is ergonomic and ideal, not to mention bass guitars from other brands are patterned on this body design, as well as the pick-ups placement and controls. For its affordable price range it shows way more value, a no cash pour easy on the pocket for a starter bass.

Where to buy: Squier by Fender Affinity P/J Electric Bass Guitar $199.99 Amazon

Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass SpecialSquier Vintage Modified Special Jaguar SS 

Read Full Review As follow up to the success of the classic strat body jazz and precision bass guitars of Squier by Fender. Another model has jump from Fender to the Squier line of bass exhibiting the same tradition and prestige, but yet again on a much more affordable price. Its body design is also faithful on the original Fender jaguar bass. Split single-coil for the middle, and standard single-coil on the bridge for pick-ups controlled by 1 master volume, 2 tone controls that bass players everywhere throughout the years appreciate mustering classic tones.

Where to buy: Squier by Fender Vintage SS Modified Special Jaguar Bass $199.99 Amazon

Yamaha TRBX174Yamaha TRBX174 

Read Full Review One of the branch well-known for this multinational company is their instrument line. Consistently providing a wide array of great instrument products especially on their bass guitar models. From top of the line bass guitars to their entry level basses, Yamaha provides each and every level of bass players quality and stylish bass guitars that fits the playing style and budget. The TRBX Series is truly one of the best on its bass guitar models. Comfort and playabilty to start with for its body design is superb then complemented by the technology applied on the electronics of the pickups use on this bass, it truly has what it takes to go head to head and compete with any other leading brands.

Where to buy: Yamaha TRBX174 DBM 4 String Bass Guitar  $199.99 Amazon

Dean Metalman Series Classic BlackDean Metalman Series Classic Black

Read Full Review There is no need for any kind of explanation on what genre of music you want to play when you choose this bass. Its radical body shape and headstock design, black on black finish for the looks together with its high output soapbar humbucker mounted on the bridge says it all without any doubt that this is a metal bass. This bass guitar is also a classic and has the right to say that we are original and first of this kind. Its has always been a go to bass guitar to wield for thrash metal, metal and heavy metal music. A prominent bass guitar for the attitude and sound it brings, continuing up to this point ever since when it first started and burst on the heyday of the 1980’s metal scene.

Where to buy: Dean Z Metalman Electric Bass Guitar $199.00 Amazon

Ibanez GIO GSR200Ibanez GSR200 

Read Full Review Ibanez bass guitars is a favorite among new comers and pro-bass players alike for its original body design, vibrant bass guitar body finishes and slimmer neck profile compulsory presented on all the basses made by Ibanez. The GSR200 is just one of the entry level bass guitar you can find on Ibanez bass guitar line. It is good sounding, well built, and comfortable to play that the cheap price tag doesn’t show a bit and has surprise a lot of seasoned bassist on how good sounding and playable this bass guitar really is.

Where to buy: Ibanez GSR200BWNF 4-String Bass Guitar $199.99 Amazon

Ibanez TMB100 BassIbanez Talman TMB100

Read Full Review Continuing on the excellence of Ibanez bass guitars is the Talman model. It also comes in a budget friendly price that exhibits a more vintage body design and colors compared with the Ibanez GSR200. The Talman bass is a precision jazz bass due to its pick configuration, having a split single coil on the middle and a standard one piece single-coil pick-up on the bridge. A comfortable bass guitar to play because of its unique contoured body design and having a slim neck profile much esteemed for fast bass play.

Where to buy: Ibanez Talman TMB100 Electric Bass Guitar $199.99 Amazon

Epiphone Goth Thunderbird IV Electric Bass GuitarEpiphone Thunderbird IV

Read Full Review Epiphone is a branch of Gibson Inc. that makes entry level to mid range bass and electric guitars. Since Gibson Acquisition of Epiphone, the company started making their own version of the same models of bass guitar with that of Gibson. The Thunderbird Series is a uniquely designed bass guitar that was first introduce in 1963 to compete with the Fender basses. With the rich tone it produce, quality and craftsmanship of the body design, it automatically gained popularity on all bass players up to date. Since the Thunderbird model was pass on to Epiphone it also became an arch rival of another Fender company namely Fender by Squier on making entry level to mid range bass guitars.

Where to buy: Epiphone Goth Thunderbird-IV $279.00 Amazon

Schecter Stiletto Extreme Bass GuitarSchecter Stilleto Extreme 4

Read Full Review The story of Shecter is similar with the founding of ESP LTD. It also first started out manufacturing replacement parts for Fender and Gibson guitar and bass models. Then later on Schecter transitioned on making their on line of bass and electric guitars. With too much demand on the instruments they make and the company cannot handle it already, the company was sold to, guess who? Schecter is now owned by Hisatake Shibuya of ESP LTD. Even though ESP LTD and Schecter are owned by the same person and sister companies. They maintained the uniqueness of design of their bass guitars and features that made Schecter known for. From all of their models for bass, Schecter Stiletto Series is one of the most popular and well received for it’s beautiful body design, and fatter bass tone it produces. Overall performance and appearance for this bass guitar is highly respected by it peers and can match every best bass guitar model of any given brand.

Where to buy: Schecter Stiletto Extreme-4 $459.00 Amazon

Fender Standard Precision BassFender Standard Precision Bass Guitar

Read Full Review With its creators love for music, vision and passion on making great instruments, the first mass produce precision bass was born. The popularity and use throughout music is pheonomenal covering all of music from pop, rock, country, jazz, blues and the list goes endless. It is a timeless bass guitar maintaining its tradition on how it is build mix with the new bread of models of P-bass guitar and J-bass from Fender as well as Squier by Fender. The long standing history on quality, pro-bass sound together with the countless musicians, well-known artist who plays Fender as the bass guitar of choice, it is already good reason enough to consider owning one. If you have extra money to spend for a bass guitar, this bass guitar is highly recommended for its playability, high quality, excellent sound and of course name recognition.

Where to buy: Fender Standard Precision Bass Guitar $599.00 Amazon


What’s The Difference Between Precision Bass and Jazz Bass?

P-Bass uses a single split type single-coil pickups that is hum canceling which is great on producing cleaner and smoother bass tones. While the J-Bass has a pair of single-coil pickups that makes it sound edgy and livelier that needs a bit of control on tone and volume.

A bass guitar with a combination of those two pickups presents a different set of tone and playabilty. As well as for bass guitars with humbucker pickups. Despite their differences on pickups and controls. Overall, they all sound great giving each type of bass guitar a different vibe, playability and tone to it.

New Bass Guitar vs. Second Hand Bass Guitar

Let me say first that there is nothing wrong on buying a second hand bass guitar. In fact you can get a “Premium” bass guitar for a much lesser cost depending on the seller of the bass guitar of course, what type of brand, bass guitar model and how you bargain for it.

The only difference from buying a new one from a second hand really is; that your getting a brand new bass and your the first owner. As long as the second hand bass guitar is in a good condition, the hardware, neck and body is maintained, it sounds how it supposed to be when played. Your perfectly alright!

What Bass Guitar Is Best Suited For A Beginner?

There is no wrong or right on buying a bass guitar when it comes to brand and type of pickups the bass guitar has. The best way to choose a bass guitar is just to follow what your heart tells you. If you find a bass that you like, go for it. What’s important here is you get what you really want on a bass guitar and don’t settle for anything less than you want.

If that is not enough for you to decide, you can always checkout guitar shops near your place and talk to staffs or the owner of the place to get more information about the bass guitars. You can also compare the specifications of each bass guitar, read comments, reviews, recommendation, bass guitar forums and even watch youtube videos of demos of the bass guitars that interest you.

In case your budget is not enough, it is best to wait and don’t be in a hurry to buy yet. Part of owning your first bass guitar is the experience and the feeling that you made the right choice. And that experience will carry thru the way you practice, progress and take care of your bass guitar.

Hope this helps on finding a bass guitar for you. If you find it interesting and informative please give it a share, we really appreciate it. Goodluck!